CBR have an announcement interview which reveals that Ghost – the Dark Horse superhero revived recently by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto – will be returning for a new ongoing series. On the book, they’ll be joined by new interior artist Ryan Sook as well as co-writer Christopher Sebela.


Dark Horse’s goal this year has been to consolidate a superhero line, with Ghost featuring alongside characters like The Answer and Captain Midnight. The character is an investigative reporter who finds herself pulled from her body and pushed into a new, semi-corporeal form. With amnesia and questions – oh, so many questions – the recent miniseries saw the character start to put together her old life, and rebuild her new one.


CBR seem to indicate that DeConnick and Sebela will co-write the first arc together (as they did recently for Captain Marvel) before Sebela takes over the series fully. At the end of the recent miniseries, Ghost had reason to believe there were 32 demons walking the streets of her native Chicago, and Sebela confirms that this will be part of the new series:

The demons are definitely Ghost’s main crusade, but we’re also going to be charting Elisa’s way in this world she got ripped out of and yanked back into. She doesn’t know about herself and she [has] to relearn a lot of stuff about herself, her team members and her city, which is affected by lots of bad things that aren’t demons.

The new series will be starting up in November. It’ll have covers from Paolo Rivera (top image) and Terry Dodson.


  1. At least one other site is reporting that the interior art is supposed to be supplied not by Ryan Sook but by Dexter Soy (who pretty much torpedoed the current Captain Marvel book). Can we have a price check on aisle 9, please?

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