Dreaming over all those swanky parties where you can watch the guy from Catfish fall over drunk? Well, dream on. The bouncers at the Hard Rock are blag proof.

Luckily there are awesome rooftop parties and events for comics folks, too!


*** Today, Thursday 5-7: Comixology’s Blank Slate event!

A two-hour charity event celebrating creators that all fans are invited to join!
Watch LIVE as creators fill a gigantic comic page to be auctioned off at a later date
Hosted by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, comiXology and The Hero Initiative
The The Hero Initiative has partnered up with comiXology and creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner to host “The Blank Page Project” a fully catered 2-hour charity event where all fans are invited to watch creators fill “The Blank Page” – a 12 foot by 8 foot gigantic comic page. The gigantic page will be auctioned off at a later date with proceeds going towards The Hero Initiative – a charity that helps creators in need. Running the gamut from legendary creators everyone knows to those just starting out, don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime celebration of comics creators at Comic-Con International ‘13. Here is the growing list of talent confirmation for “The Blank Page Project”charity event as of July 15th, 2013:

Arthur Adams
Andrew Aydin
Nichol Ashworth 
James Asmus 
Anina Bennett
Marc Bernardin
Jon Bogdanove 
DeWayne Booker
Tim Bradstreet
Dan Brereton 
Jeffrey Brown
Glen Brunswick 
Jacob Chabot
John Christmas 
Amanda Conner
Daniel Corey
Paul Cornell 
Colleen Coover 
Dennis Culver
Jose Delbo
Jim Demonakos
Nicholas Doan 
Tony Donley 
Nick Dragotta 
Gerry Duggan 
Lee Duhig
Joshua Dysart
Kevin Eastman
Brandon Easton 
Rahsan Ekedal
Steve Ellis
Jon Esparza 
Joey Esposito
Ulises Farinas
Erick Freitas
Steven Freivogel
Christos Gage
David Gallaher
Sam Garland
Sterling Gates
Dave Gibbons 
Dan Goldman
Jason Gonzalez
Dave Gorden 
Daniel Govar
Sina Grace 
Paul Guinan
Thomas Jane
Brian Haberlin
Mathew Haley
Joe Harris 
Matt Hawkins
John Higgins
Lea Hernandez
John Hong
Rantz Hoseley 
Jody Houser
Jolene Houser 
Darren John Hupke 
Phil Jimenez
Dan Jurgens
Joe Kennedy 
D.J. Kirkbride
Denis Kitchen 
Ales Kot 
Ken Kristensen
Jim Krueger 
Mike Le
Lorenzo Lizana
Pat Loika 
Robert Love 
David Blake Lucarelli
Martin Morazzo 
Ron Marz 
Ben McCool 
Yehudi Mercado 
Bill Morrison
Chris Moreno
James Ninness
Jai Nitz
Alonso Nunez
Denny O’Neil
Jerry Ordway 
Rachel Ordway 
Jimmy Palmiotti 
Tony Parker
MK Perker 
George Perez
Robert Perry
Troy Peteri 
Justin Peterson
Gary Phillips 
Nick Pitarra 
Whilce Portacio
RFI Porto
Nate Powell
John Prince 
Carl Reed 
Ike Reed 
Jason Reeves 
Darick Robertson 
Mark Roslan 
Chris Ryall 
Mark Sable
Christian Sager
Stuart Sayger
Patrick Scherberger
Bob Schreck 
Brian Schirmer 
Patrick Scullin 
Christopher Sebela 
Angi Shearstone 
Abhishek Singh
Gavin P. Smith 
Nick Spencer
Arigon Starr
David Steward II
Michael Tabb
Marcus To 
Paul Tobin
Matthew Todd 
Martin Thomas
Bobby Timony
Brandon Seifert
Kristen Van Dam
Mark Waid
David Walker
Shannon Wheeler
Kristopher White 
Sean E. Williams
Joshua Williamson 
Brian Winkeler
John Yuan
Matt Yuan
Patrick Yurick
Jim Zub 
Chrissie Zullo
“The Blank Page Project” charity event is open to all fans and creators. The event will take place on Thursday, July 18th from 5pm to 7pm during Comic-Con International ’13 outside the Vela restaurant, which is located at the back of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, a quick walk from the San Diego Convention Center. RSVP hereif you are a fan or creator!

••• The iFanboy Happy Hour

6-8 Andaz Hotel — lots of folks will be showing up there!


***The CBLDF/Image/Comixology/Aces Weekly Welcome party

Always a place to see your pals and hangout on an actual rooftop!! Swag and benefits. More info here.

*** MTV 2 Party in the Park at PETCO Park
Following the “Teen Wolf” panel at Comic-Con by day, MTV will take over PETCO Park to pay tribute to the fans by night. MTV 2 Party in the Park is open to all Comic-Con badge holders, and will feature live performances (TBD), free food and drinks, plus the taping of “Guy Code Honors” with “Teen Wolf” stars.

Open to badge holders, 7 to 11 p.m. – comic-con.mtv.com
Okay nothing to do with comics but it’s free to congoers.

Now, if you MUST try to get into one of the exclusive parties, eHow says this is how to do it:

Getting invited to exclusive afterparties often involves a mixture of luck and charm. At Comic-Con, the person you’re talking to at the bar may be the editor for a popular series of comics or a movie producer, so stay friendly to everybody if you’re looking for afterparty invites.

Hear that? A comics editor can get you into the good parties! Everyone be EXTRA EXTRA nice to Steve Wacker and all your dreams of meeting Daenerys Targaryen may just come true!

[Got a party for Friday or Saturday for real folks? Email us!]