Many have wondered why exactly the pre-con presses said that Rob Liefeld and actress Gina Carano would be at San Diego together – but now it appears we have an answer. Borys Kit at the Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the pair are planning on taking Liefeld’s Avengelyne character and retooling the property into a film with Carano in the lead.

gina carano

Avengelyne, you may be wondering, is a character created by Liefeld and Cathy Christian in the 1990s. A fallen angel who crashes down on Earth, her mission is to track down a ‘Chosen One’ and protect them from an assortment of demons and monsters who are planning to take over Earth. Only the Chosen One can save Earth, and only Avengelyne can save The Chosen One.


The character was most recently seen at Image Comics, in 2011.

The project is in development at the moment, as it appears that neither a writer nor director have yet been approached to take on the project. Avengelyne appeared in a number of miniseries – the character has a fanbase. It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of this project.


  1. Too true Snikt! Gina Carano could be the next big action star, but Rob has burned every bridge he’s stepped on. And Jeez, Rob, you’ve been in comic business for 20+ years now, could you please learn how to draw a wrist…

  2. Buster – you don’t have to have artistic skills to interpret that Liefeld’s art is still shitty looking after twenty plus years. The man needs to enroll in Joe Kubert’s school and take a few anatomy lessons.

    At least this drawing doesn’t have her displaying teeth.



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