By David Nieves

Arune Singh, Ryan Penagos (Agent M), TQ Jefferson, Brian Michael Bendis, Axel Alonso, Ron Perazza and C.B. Cebulski talked to fans about Marvel Comics in the digital age showing why they are the House of Ideas.

House of Ideas

Singh kicked things off by asking how many in attendance had read digital comics. Only a few hadn’t and they were asked to join the panel and read one, while a badly acted video featuring Marvel editors using digital comics was shown.

After the audience laughter died down, Singh went over a few points of infinite comics and Jason Aaron’s Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted, which launched on July 9th. Bendis himself then spoke about his experiences writing Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics. He credited Mark Waid’s method of writing AvX Infinite. Using the more traditional Marvel Method, the writer just writes a plot for the artist, and then adds dialogue after the pages are done.

Singh talked about a new Iron Man Infinite digital series, titled ‘Fatal Frontier’, which will debut in October from co-writers Kieron Gillen and Al Ewing. The story of the book will pick up threads in current stories, while still trying to remain accessible to new readers.

The panel talked a bit about Marvel AR and how it compares to special features in DVDs. Penagos pointed out about how readers can find most of the AR content in videos on the Marvel website, if you don’t want to use a phone and a print comic. Another video featuring the entire senior editorial team was shown – Tom Bevoort’s acting skills continue to make the audience glad he’s behind the scenes. It was a cute video that really shows just how much fun working for Marvel can be. The video will soon be up on Marvel’s YouTube page.

A tease was given about Marvel’s upcoming Saturday panel where information would be given on a new X-Men: Battle of The Atom mobile video game developed by GREE, and Avengers Alliance would get updated missions based on the upcoming Infinity event. We’ll bring you those details when they’re released Saturday. It should be a fun time with lots more cheesy Marvel office hijinks.


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