DC’s digital comics have been receiving a lot of praise recently, and their new announcements at SDCC have shown an increased focus in digital-first comics. At the DC Digital panel today they announced a number of books and stories – from Wonder Woman appearing in Smallville Season 11 through to a Batman & Robin/Scooby Doo team-up book from Sholly Fisch.

Where to start? This will be somewhat bits-and-pieces, so forgive me that.


 Brian Q. Miller spoke about the imminent arrival of Diana Prince to his Smallville series, who will be showing up along with Steve Trevor. The relationship between the two is going to surprise people, the writer noted. Cat Staggs will jump onto the series for that story arc, which will then be followed by Hallow, a one-off issue focusing on Lex Luthor.

The Adventures of Superman series was discussed, with the news that Pia Guerra (one of my favourites!!) will be coming on for an upcoming story. The next issue this Monday will be by the creative team of Nathan Edmonston and Yildiray Cinar.

Batman ’66 was introduced and duly applauded wildly. Jim Chadwick showed off some art, and mentioned that The Joker will make his first appearance in issue #3 of the series.

There will be a number of other books soon joining these books at DC Digital, including ‘Beware the Batman’ based on the upcoming series. The panel also announced that there will be a Teen Titans Go book starting in December, which will be ongoing.

Starting soon will be a weekly Vampire Diaries series, released new every Thursday. Artist Tony Shasteen will start off the series, although new artists will rotate in as the series continues.

You want to know about the Scooby Doo/Batman & Robin team-up book. Of course you do! By creator Sholly Fisch, this one shot will be released in November, and see the dynamic duo meet up with Mystery Inc. The full title is ‘Scooby Doo Meets Batman & Robin’.


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