The Spider-Man panel is currently underway at SDCC, with Steve Wacker, Humberto Ramos, Christos Gage, Chris Yost, Kevin Shinick, Nick Spencer, Chris Samnee and James Robinson all up at the table. There’s a few bits of news to bring you from there – including the news that year 2 of Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man series will kick off by setting the antihero/hero/villain up against Venom, for a story called Darkest Hours.


Slott wasn’t able to attend SDCC today due to being chained to Steve Wacker’s kitchen, but was paying close attention over Twitter regardless. First the panel addressed the current and upcoming storylines, which will see Spider-Man 2099 coming into the picture, to cause some trouble. Following that initial story, the character will then move in and out of the ongoing storyline, an important part of Slott’s overall plan.


The Black Cat will also be returning, for issue #20 – which was described as being a high-impact point of the series, similar to the initial Spider-Man/Doc Ock switch issue.

Darkest Hours will start in November, and throw Venom into the world of Superior Spider-Man. The story is being pitched as swaying close to the old stories regarding Venom and Spider-Man, wherein the symbiote would move in extremely close to the webslinger and quickly cause very personal trouble.

Of course, Venom has his own series too, and new sidekick/partner Mania will be the main focus of the next arc of that particular series. Darkest Hours won’t be a crossover – it’ll be contained within Superior Spider-Man


The panel also saw discussion of Superior Spider-Foes, the new series by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber. It looks as though The Punisher will show up in issue 2, preceded by a short volley of bullets.



Superior Carnage was brought up, along with some pages for the series which feature the character fighting against some other familiar faces – Klaw looks to be one of them, in one of those ‘I can’t believe I didn’t think of that’ match-ups. Writer Kevin Shinick will be bringing in a lot more guest stars before the miniseries is over, according to Wacker. Next make Carnage fight Dazzler!!  

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 Chris Yost spoke about his two books – Superior Spider-Man Team Up, which will focus on the Sinister Six assembled by Otto in the wake of his firing from the Avengers. He describes it as a great chance to watch Superior Spider-Man get snippy with people on a monthly basis.

He also talked about Scarlet Spider, the next arc of which will pit Kaine against Kraven the Hunter. “This is where it all kind of goes bad,” he promised. I’m a Diamond Lil fan – when Chris Yost says something is going bad….


Chris Samnee spoke about his work on Daredevil, including an upcoming arc where the hero teams up with a whole range of monsters including Satana and Frankenstein.



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