Rounding out our pre-game with a few of the signing schedules not widely spotlighted. SLG/Slave Labor will be occupying a prime slot at the con as they have for the last 20 years, and mainstay Jhonen Vasquez will be signing multiple times. Here’s the schedule:

SLG Publishing announced Jhonen Vasquez’s signing schedule for Comic-Con 2015. Vasquez is an official guest of Comic-Con this year as he and SLG mark the 20th anniversary of the release of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #1. In addition to his signing there will also be a Johnny/Jhonen Vasquez Spotlight panel.
SLG Publishing is located at booth 1815 next to DC Comics.
Thursday July 9
SLG Booth Signing – 2:30-4:00
Jhonen Vasquez Spotlight Panel – 5:00 pm  Room 32AB
Friday July 10
Signing SLG Booth – 4:00-5:00
Saturday July 11
Signing SLG Booth – 6:00-7:00
Sunday July 12
SLG Booth Signing 4:00-5:00
Also appearing at the SLG Booth will be creators Aaron Alexovich (Serenity Rose), Drew Rausch (Haunted Mansion, Winchester), Crab Scrambly, Jef Bambas (Model A), John Hageman (Woodland Welfare Manifesto), Matthew Ritter and Adam Elbahtimy (Nova Phase).

Speaking of Vasquez, he’ll also be a jest at the revamped APE taking placed in San Jose this October. A preliminary guest list and exhibitor list has just been posted along with some info fromSLG/APE main man Dan Vado:

SLG Publishing released an initial list of exhibitors attending the 2015 Alternative Press Expo (APE) which will be held October 3-4 in San Jose, CA.

”This has been a pretty big undertaking” said Dan Vado, president and publisher of SLG Publishing, who is running APE this year “It’s been a long time since I ran a convention, so it is taking me some time to sort of re-learn some stuff and devise systems to try and help things run smoothly, or smoother as I expect to have a sort of bumpy ride at first.”
This list is not complete, and the exhibit hall is not sold-out, so people still wanting to jump in can do so by registering at the APE website (www.alternativepressexpo.com). 

SLG also announced that hotel room blocks for exhibitors, or for anyone wishing to attend over the weekend, were still open and pointed out that the deal being offered by the San Jose Marriott was an amazingly great bargain.

Tentative guests for the 2015 APE include Jhonen Vasquez, Barron Storey and Amit Tayal (courtesy of Super Sikh Comics). 

Another highlight of the 2015 APE will be the attention paid to educators and librarians as any credentialed teacher will be admitted to the 2015 event for free. Programing of a professional development nature is being planned.

For more information about the 2015 Alternative Press Expo contact Dan Vado [email protected]