There may be many food guides to Comic-Con, but our go to is Darlene Horn of My Burning Kitchen, who not only knows her way around the taco trucks but is married to cartoonist Paul Horn, and they’ve even collaborated a book of food-themed comics. Her food guide for 2015 has just been posted and we love it. How much do we love it? It even mentions Vietnamese Coffee.

The guide has all the basics — Ralphs— plus hidden gems, getaways and the name of San Diego’s hottest dining district…hint: it isn’t the Gaslamp.

We’re loathe to give away our own dining secrets, but where we’re staying for Tuesday is a block away from the Cat Cafe on 3rd and Island, where you can buy coffee and pet a cat…and maybe come home with a new friend, as all the cats are up for adoption. Recmmended for when you’re wondering around looking for a place to eat!

Who need Comic-Con? Give me Cat Con.


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