The Vancouver Comics Art Festival (VanCAF) has announced that they are looking for a new Festival Director. Andrea Demonakos is stepping down from the position of Festival Director to focus on her current company White Squirrel. The Board of Director of the festival broke the news on their website with a nice message reminding of Demonakos’ accomplishment and wishing her the best in her future endeavours. You can read the press statement below:

The board of the Vancouver Comic Arts Association wishes to express their thanks and appreciation to Andrea Demonakos for all of her invaluable work as Festival Director of the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival through a period of growth and development. This show would not be where it is today without her stewardship.  This past year, we saw over 11,000 visitors come through the festival, a record high number, which reflects the growth of the show, and the desire of local comics readers to engage in a great community event.

Andrea is leaving an impressive legacy on VanCAF, and a solid, sustainable foundation in place for the show to grow into the future.

Andrea Demonakos’s company, White Squirrel, offer management services for artists and creators online store, taking care of product listings, inventory, warehousing, packing and shipping and handling customer service request. They also offer bulk fulfillment for orders as well. They’ve recently partnered with ShortBox and are providing services for artists such as Jen Bartel, Terry Dodson, Irene Koh and Kris Anka.

The festival statement is incredible in its truthfulness. VanCAF has grown quite quickly in the last few years, particularly under the stewardship of Demonakos. The festival, while important in British Columbia, didn’t have quite the same prominence as its parent festival TCAF. Under her tutelage, VanCAF has increased the number of attendees as well as provide it with a direction that more closely align with TCAF and in turn, give VanCAF an international renowned. Prior to her involvement in VanCAF, Demonakos was formerly the Director of Digital Content and Social Media at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. Her expertise was put to good use at VanCAF and we are sure that her current endeavour will be a resounding success.

In the meantime, VanCAF is looking for a new Festival Director and are currently accepting applications for the positions, you can find details over at their site.