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2017 Ignatz Nominations include a new category; three noms for Ferris

The 2017 Ignatz Award nominations have just been announced, and this years honorees are a solid mix of mainstream (March Book 3), indie (My Favorite Thing is Monsters) and micro-press/self-published (Carolyn Nowak, Sabin Cauldron). I draw no wider implications from the list except that comics 2017 artistically speaking are strong.  Emil Ferris's My Favorite Thing is Monsters - kind of the To Kill a Mockingbird of comics at this point - lead with three noms including Outstanding Artist,  GN and Story.

Campbell replaces Robbins at this weekend’s CAKE in Chicago

The indie comics tour continues this weekend with CAKE in Chicago, a show that's had a slow rise to become what sounds ike a...

Will there be a Comic Arts Brooklyn in 2016?

If you were at MoCCA you probably heard the "rumour" that Gabe Fowler wouldn't be putting on a Comic Arts Brooklyn festival in 2016....

MoCCAFest 2016 announces programming with Gloeckner, Sugar, Blechman and more

The 2016 MoCCA Festival is just around the corner at its new (and we hope permanent home) at Metropolitan West, with the dates of April 2-3. The programming has just been announced, as as with last year, it will take place a block or so away at Ink48 at 653 11th Avenue at 48th Street. This year's Fest features Guests of Honor Stephen Universe's Rebecca Sugar, Diary of a Teenage Girl author Phoebe Gloeckner, El Deafo author Cece Bell, legendary illustrator, animator and graphic novelist R. O. Blechman, and artist Sonny Liew, suthor of this year's masterpiece. As in years past, the programming curated and organized by MoCCA Arts Festival Programming Director Bill Kartalopoulos and it covers all facets of the comics ublishing business.

MoCCA Festival 2016 announces guests of honor: Bell, Blechman, Gloeckner, Liew...

The 2016 MoCCA Arts Festival has just announced this year's Guests of Honor and they are: Cece Bell, author of the phenomenal middle grade graphic...

MoCCA Arts Festival reveals 2016 key art by Noelle Stevenson

Just in time for her selection as comics industry Person of the Year, Noelle Stevenson has been announced as the creator of the key art for the 2016 MoCCA Arts Festival. MoCCA and Stevenson go back a ways: back in 2013 her student piece "Knight of Swords" was featured in MoCCA's Student Scholarship Competition. Stevenson was just a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art at the time. She's gone on to become a regular exhibitor at MoCCA, and hopefully in 2016 as well.

Based on these photos, Comic Arts LA was swell

The second annual Comics Arts LA festival was held yesterday, in its first year as a two-day show. It's the Los Angeles stop on the Premiere Indie Comics Circuit, and had a strong influence from the local animation community, as befits its founders, Jen Wang, Angie Wang. Iris Jong and Jake Mumm, several of whom have ties to that community. While I haven't found any detailed write-ups, it seems like everyone was up on their socials, with happy photos of comics and people all backlit with the warm, golden sun of early winter downtown LA.

CAB 2015 in pictures: so many comics

I would take a haul photo of my CAB 2015 comics but there is not a floor space big enough at Stately Beat Manor to spread them all out. Yes I got that many comics. And yet the one I most desired to read, I paid for but forgot to pick up a copy in all the excitement. Anyway, one tradition I did NOT forget was a series of blurry phone photos of people hanging out and having a good time! ! With no further ado:

Comic Arts Brooklyn Debuts Part 2: From Mai to Stvr Wrs...

More Amazing books and LESS money in your pocket. MORE TO COME.   Fanfare/Ponent Mon Available via Knockabout Comics Ponent Mon has been quietly rebuilding its backlist whilst...