Just in time for her selection as comics industry Person of the Year, Noelle Stevenson has been announced as the creator of the key art for the 2016 MoCCA Arts Festival.

MoCCA and Stevenson go back a ways: back in 2013 her student piece “Knight of Swords” was featured in MoCCA’s Student Scholarship Competition. Stevenson was just a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art at the time. She’s gone on to become a regular exhibitor at MoCCA, and, one expects, in 2016 as well although her lines may be a wee bit longer.

This year’s MoCCA Festival—run by the Society of Illustrators and showcasing a variety of indie and literary cartoonists and publishers—will be held April 2-3 at a brand new venue, Metropolitan West located at 639 West 46th Street in Manhattan. This key art will be featured on signage and merchandise, giving MoCCA a headstart in being a very attractive comic arts festival indeed.