DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the big Arrow/Flash spin-off that debuts in just a few weeks, is already bringing together Rip Hunter, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, White Canary, The Atom, Captain Cold, Heatwave and others. 

It’s now being reported by Variety that cowboy bounty-hunter Jonah Hex will be the next to pop up on the series, debuting in the show’s eleventh episode.

“Ever since we decided that ‘Legends’ would involve time travel, we were eager to do a story set in the Old West,” says executive producer Marc Guggenheim. “But if you’re going to do a story set in the DC Universe version of the Old West, you simply MUST include Jonah Hex in it. We’re thrilled about bringing another well known, beloved DC character to television.”

The sheer volume of DC material they’re mining with the time travel concept is hard to ignore and lends itself to some very exciting possibilities. Speaking of things that WB would like for you to forget, the last time we saw Jonah Hex in live action, he was played by Josh Brolin in a movie that co-starred Megan Fox. Hopefully fortune will shine a bit brighter in this incarnation.