Naomi, the Ava DuVernay-produced CW series based on the DC Comics series by Brian Michael BendisDavid F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell, will not return for a second season. Deadline reports that, while The CW isn’t interested in continuing the series, the show is exploring opportunities to continue at other outlets.

Kaci Walfall
Naomi — Image Number: NAO_FIRST_LOOK.jpg — Pictured: Kaci Walfall as Naomi — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Naomi is the latest CW series based on a DC Comics property to fall victim to The CW’s ongoing series massacre. Batwoman, which ran for three seasons, and Legends of Tomorrow, which ran for seven seasons, have already been announced as not being renewed by the network.

If you’re worried about The CW only having two (possibly three, if they choose to renew Stargirl) DC Comics-based series come the fall, though, fear not, as the network has also announced that Gotham Knights, a new series focused on supporting characters from the Batman universe in the wake of the dark knight’s death, has been ordered to series. What connection, if any, the new series might have to Batwoman remains to be seen, though all evidence up to now is that they’re completely separate. Two other series, prequels to Walker and Supernatural, were also given series orders.

If it seems like The CW is targeting comic book shows specifically for cancellation, though, fear not, as today the network also announced that a trio of shows – reboots of CharmedDynasty, and The 4400 – are all also getting the axe. A fourth series, In The Dark, will end after its upcoming season.

So what does that leave The CW with? On the DC Comics Arrowverse front, The Flash will hobble into its ninth season, while Superman & Lois will go into its third season. Riverdale will also continue, with a seventh season that’s sure to somehow be even crazier than everything that’s come before it. Walker, Nancy DrewKung Fu, and two All-American series will also round out the lineup. With a possible sale of The CW in the works, who knows how many more series might join this group and which others won’t make the renewal cut.


  1. Truth is, the source material of Naomi is mediocre and the show itself was not very good. Felt most of the times like Hollyoaks with superpowers.
    Apart from early seasons of Arrow and the Flash, that were bearable and had sweet nods to the source material, the rest was very passable bordering on cringey, often slow and boring. Too bad for DC because the Silver / Bronze age of DC comics would be a goldmine for fun family shows, but they insist on the dark and gritty, or plain odd stuff that they can’t possibly do justice to on the kind of budget they have. Better regroup on HBO Max and be a bit more ambitious. isn’t it infuriating to see they have the best characters and a treasure trove of stories, yet can’t seem to make heads or tails of it, either on the big or small screen.

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