I would take a haul photo of my CAB 2015 comics but there is not a floor space big enough at Stately Beat Manor to spread them all out. Yes I got that many comics. And yet the one I most desired to read, I paid for but forgot to pick up a copy in all the excitement.

Anyway, one tradition I did NOT forget was a series of blurry phone photos of people hanging out and having a good time! ! With no further ado:

Derf Backderf and Jennifer Hayden, maestros of reality comics and gracious smiles.

CAB2015-02.jpgFrank Santoro and Kevin Huizenga were DEFINITELY up to something. I’m not sure what because they were ultra cagey. I overheard them talking about a “dojo” though so it sounds like some kind of secret society.

Aiden Koch and Conor Willumsen are possibly part of this secret dojo. ON a more serious two of todays Finest Young Cartoonists™.

CAB2015-04.jpgCharles Burns and Daniel Clowes practicing their austere, forbidding glares. Of course both are actually sweethearts. Closes did not finish coloring Patience in time for it to be at the show, instead a short bad was given out and the book will easily dominate the comics talk in early 2016.

I did not have enough cash to purchase any of David Sandlins’s silk screen books but oh my they were beautiful. I did however spend more at this show than I did any other convention all year. Hence the huge haul.

Marek Colek of Tin Can Forest and Fiona Smyth, who made her NY City debut!

CAB2015-07.jpgKatie Skelly has the best nails and some of the best comics. I interviewed her for the PW podcast but my phone ate it, so we’ll have to do a full length one instead.


Leslie Stein and Noah van Sciver represent. Their PW interviews did not get eaten.

The very animated Brian Chippendale, who as I was watching, right before our very eyes devised a two handed signing method. I made a video but it’s weird.

CAB2015-10.jpgJulia Wertz, Annie Koyama and the Very Flattering Background Color

CAB2015-11.jpgJordan Crane talks while Sammy Harkham waits. New comics from both of these gentlemen, haven’t been able to read them yet.

Crane and John Pham demonstrate the CAB love.

David Schilter of the great Latvian comics collective kus! and Tommi Musturi, who is practically the father of the Finnish indie comics movement. His new collection from Fantagraphics is amazing.

Andrea Tsurumi and Jon Lewis finish our smile gallery.

As you can tell from the happy looks it was mostly a great day for looking at comics catching up with friends and having a good time. Unfortunately I got con crud! And couldn’t make the panel the next day. Alex Lu wrote up one of them and I’ll have a report on the overall show for PW.

But overall: we heart comics!


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