The indie comics tour continues this weekend with CAKE in Chicago, a show that’s had a slow rise to become what sounds ike a pretty essential stop on the tour. A little bad news however: Special guest Trina Robins has had to cancel, due to heath concerns. Speedy recovery, Trina. On the good news front, Eddie Campbell and Chris Staros will step in:

When they heard about this change in schedule, Eddie Campbell—the creator of the autobiographical Alec, the mythic Bacchus and, with Alan Moore, the classic graphic novel From Hell—and Top Shelf Productions publisher Chris Staros, both tremendous fans of Trina’s four decades of work as a cartoonist and herstorian, offered to step in.

As for other CAKE matters, they have a lot of innovations this year like the second annual Cupcake Prize, a Mini Comic Punch Card with prizes:

Don’t forget about CAKE’s Minicomics Incentive Punchcard! Every program given out at the event this year will have a punchcard included, and for each minicomic you purchase from one of our exhibitors, you’ll be eligible for prizes. This year’s prizes include vinyl stickers featuring poster art from each year of CAKE, buttons, and a large-scale poster by Anya Davidson!

The full list of show debuts is here and includes books by Mizuki, Leela Corman, Ed Piskor, Leslie Stein and many more. GOOD STUFF.

Other guests include Chester Brown, Tyrell Cannon, Exra Caytan Daniels, Sammy Harham, Cathy G, Johnson, Patrick Kyle, Laura Park and Leslie Stein.

CAKE runs Saturday and Sunday at the Center on Halsted, 3656 N Halsted Ave Chicago, IL