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Philippe Leblanc is a Canadian comics journalist. In his regular life, he improves Canadian medical education, and is the co-host of the Ottawa Comic Book Club. He reads alternative, indie and art comics at night and write about them for the Comics Beat.

The TCAF 2020 Interviews: Scarlet Wings Kaili

Scarlet Wings Kaili on her current comic series Halfsoul, mental wellbeing, experimentation, page layout and surviving in uncertain times.

The TCAF 2020 Interviews: Courtney Loberg on poetry comics

Loberg discusses watercolour, poetry comics and surviving in uncertain times.

INTERVIEW: Olive Brinker on her newly-syndicated webcomic RAE THE DOE, comedy,...

“I hope my gay furry webcomic can distract people from the soul-crushing existential loneliness of everyday life for just a few seconds three times a week”

Small Press & Indie Comics News Round-Up: A Whole New World

Where to find emergency funding during the coronavirus pandemic and other items of interest.

Small Press & Indie Comics News: Social distancing diaries, and talking...

Your bi-weekly small press and indie comics update for Mid-March 2020

REVIEW: Marion Fayolle’s THE TENDERNESS OF STONES is a thoughtful and...

The Tenderness of Stones is a very nuanced way to approach the process of grief and loss

Small Press & Indie Comics News: Early March Update

Your update on Small Press and Indie Comics!

REVIEW: Ben Passmore’s SPORTS IS HELL addresses the fundamental dichotomy of...

SPORTS IS HELL uses everyone's favourite sport, football, to explore the differences between America's myths and its realities.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW – The Avant-Guards Returns in Down to the Wire

BOOM! Studios unveils an exclusive preview at the upcoming conclusion of The Avant-Guards!

Small Press & Indie Comics News – Post-Valentine’s Day

Small Press & Indie Comics News Update for Mid-February 2020

A Week of Loss: Obituary for Claire Bretécher & Hubert Boulart

This week, we have learned about the passing of two pioneer and icons of European comics. Claire Bretécher, a pioneer in the world of...

Ley Lines Announces their 2020 lineup with Xia Gordon, Simon Moreton...

Ley Lines Announces their 2020 lineup with Xia Gordon, Simon Moreton, Bendan Leach & Victor Martins