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Philippe Leblanc is a Canadian comics journalist. In his regular life, he improves Canadian medical education, and is the co-host of the Ottawa Comic Book Club. He reads alternative, indie and art comics at night and write about them for the Comics Beat.

Review: Kara Zor-El soars to new heights in SUPERGIRL S3

Supergirl faces her biggest challenges yet in season three. The show builds on strong foundations to mature into something more interesting and complex.

REVIEW: SPARROWHAWK is almost a complete mess, except for the art

There's kernels of a very good book in Sparrowhawk, but unfortunately, the story drags the book down in a way it can't recover.

Review: THE AVANT-GUARDS VOL. 1 throws and scores!

The Avant-Guards understand characters and their journey incredibly well, which makes it a fascinating read.

A Year of Free Comics: Eight panels can make you cry...

Yon Lee reminisces about the arrival of his sister.

A Year of Free Comics: Xulin Wang’s PRESCRIBED BURN tackles the...

Xulin Wang tackles the difficult question of the role of fire in rejuvenating forests.

A Year of Free Comics: The crass & unexpected comedy of...

Thoughtful reflections on the myths of Dracula in a clip-art comedy comics.

REVIEW: Two steps forward, one step back in SUPERGIRL S2

Clark Kent finally arrives and the series continues to build on its foundations.

A Year of Free Comics: Laura Ķeniņš on The Sixth Mass...

Laura Ķeniņš' The Sixth Mass Extinction looks at the impact of misunderstanding science and what it means for us.

Focus on Alberta: Exploring the process of learning in Eric Dyck’s...

Slaughterhouse Slough is about Lethbridge, Alberta, but it's fundamentally about learning.

A Year of Free Comics: The light comedy of THE PLANET...

The Planet with No Beer has a silly premise, but it becomes endearing.

Focus on Alberta: Sho Uehara’s Storytelling Skills Shine in REPOSE

Repose showcases the incredible storytelling skills of Sho Uehara.

Focus on Alberta: Parenting is weird & funny in Kelly Tindall’s...

The Adventurers captures a very distinct, almost raw feeling about the experience of parenting.