Sometimes you wake up, check the internet and see that it is a giant trash ball fire forged in Hades. Such is the mood of the internet today. The YouTube celebrity-lite game streamer known as ProJared (Jared Knabenbauer) drama can be best described as a snake eating itself. I’m far from an expert on this but I’m going to do my best to explain what this trash fire is all about.

It all began with this tweet from Knabenbauer’s Twitter account:

Now, sometimes I admit it, I don’t see real good. What this message looks like to me is that it was some mutual decision between Jared and his wife, Heidi O’Ferrall. He presents the statement as if it were written with Heidi and makes it appear as if his wife is going through a tough emotional time and that her mental wellbeing is somehow at risk or jeopardy. The phrasing is odd and as a rule, I don’t make it a personal habit to speak for another’s mental health status.

Anyway, moving on. O’Ferrall (aka AlterierHeidi) is a cosplayer, artist and streamer. The pair have been married since June of 2014. O’Ferrall clearly sees this tweet from Jared and the subsequent outpouring of sympathy he’s receiving and thinks, “No.”

That is when it all hit the fan. There’s a long thread where O’Ferrall explains what the last year has been like for her in which she alleges emotional abuse. She discusses finding out about her husband’s infidelity and the lengths Knabenbauer went to deny the affair.

Yikes. Okay, it gets so much worse. Folks replying to O’Ferrall’s tweet allege that Knabenbauer solicited and sent nudes to fans, including minors. There are some NSFW images in the thread so consider yourself warned.

O’Ferrall went on to describe instances she believes demonstrates Knabenbauer’s use of influence, wealth and social capital as tools for control.

Holly Conrad, a popular streamer and cosplayer, made a statement regarding the accusations that she has been having an affair with Knabenbauer via Twitter on Wednesday. (In the interest of full disclosure, Conrad played a game I released in 2016 on her YouTube channel.)

So how are all these people connected? As mentioned, ProJared is a popular YouTube streamer who got his start back in 2010 with his one-minute game reviews. He is part of the NormalBoots network of creators and influencers. Conrad was formally married to Ross O’Donovan of GameGrumps, though the two divorced in 2018. GameGrumps relates to NormalBoots because as with anything on the internet, there’s beef between these two dueling influencer networks. I can’t believe that is a sentence I have to write in 2019.
People are now watching a stream of ProJared’s YouTube subscriber count disappear before our very eyes and I’m not mad at it.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to shower for the rest of time.


  1. “Conrad was formally married to Ross O’Donovan”
    I think you meant to say that she was formerly married.

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