Glacier Bay Books – a N. American publisher of independent and alternative manga – was inexplicably suspended from Twitter (less commonly known as X) in August.

Glacier Bay Books Twitter account suspended

In a tweet, Emuh Ruh of Glacier Bay Books explained that the official account for the publisher had been suspended suddenly, with no apparent reason given for the suspension.

Since the initial suspension, Glacier Bay Books have made numerous attempts to reach out to support. In a direct message with Ruh, they explained the situation:

It was very difficult losing access to our publishing Twitter account @glacierbaybooks . At no point have we received an explanation or notification from Twitter about the suspended account, only discovering it had been locked when we tried to log in.

We used our Glacier Bay Books Twitter account for communicating with authors and readers and for sharing information about our current and forthcoming titles and publishing plans. We had built a vibrant comics-connected community on Twitter that we engaged with regularly. When this happened, I carefully checked the Twitter ‘X Rules’. Our account was not engaging in any behaviors that would violate their terms of use.

The suspension of the Glacier Bay Books account on our primary social media communication platform coming right as we were launching two new titles, and just weeks before we participated in 3 different festivals in September, was horribly timed. It has made it exceedingly difficult to promote our titles and presence to readers and connect with new fans. The loss of our account has also limited our ability to connect with authors who use Twitter as their primary means of communication.

At the time of publication, the Twitter account is still suspended with no official reason given. Since then, there has been strong support for the reinstatement of the account, with numerous fans retweeting and tagging Twitter’s official support account in hopes of speeding up the review process.

Earlier this year, the French animation website Catsuka also had issues with prolonged lack of tech/customer support from the social media website due to losing a phone with 2-factor authentication access and backup codes. They were able to tweet using a 3rd party app in the interim.

Fortunately, Catsuka regained access to their account at the beginning of October, citing that Twitter’s Support team finally helped them access the account.


Glacier Bay Books was founded in 2019/2020, and publishes a wide range of independent & alternative manga. Some of their works include the Glaeolia anthologies, Children of Mu-Town (Masumura Jushichi), F (Imai Arata), Rabbit Game (Miyoshi), Invisible Parade (Mississippi), and many more. Recent Glacier Bay Books releases include Mothers (Kusuhara Umi), Give Her Back To Me (Hana Chatani) and a reprint of the first issue of the popular Glaeolia anthology.