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The Internet Spills Scalding Hot Tea on YT Streamer, ProJared

We try our best to explain the controversy devouring the internet between YouTube streamer ProJared and Heidi O'Ferrall.

Looking for some Black Friday Deals? We got ’em, from ComiXology...

  You're so bloated with turkey that all you can do is fitfully scroll on your phone or computer and dream of what you're gonna...

Top 5 facts from today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct

You’d think the game’s director, Masahiro Sakurai, had already said everything there could have possibly been, but there were still some surprising reveals. And no, Waluigi did not get announced. Sorry.

Dell and Alienware looking to draw more console gamers to PC

Dell isn’t content on just supplying gear to strict PC gamers. They also hope to also lure that of seasoned console gamers to the world of PC. “The overlap between console ownership and PC ownership is increasing, and I think, and we think, as a company this is the perfect feature set and price point for someone who’s looking to buy their first gaming PC,” said the rep referring to Dell’s line of PC gaming machines called the Dell G3, G5, and G7 come in.

Volante Design; The Clothing Company Making Streetwear for Gamers and Nerds

Their unique look isn’t the only reason why Volante pieces sell. They are made to be durable and able to withstand the daily rigors of wear and tear. As Willow herself put it, Volante Design’s goal is to “make practical, wearable clothing that makes you feel badass.

E3 2018: Saber Interactive’s “World War Z”; Potential Best Co-Op Zombie-Fighter?

As a four-player co-op similar to the likes of the Left 4 Dead franchise, each player will take the helm of one of four characters: a hacker, a firefighter, an ex-gang member, and a utility worker. Unfortunately, these characters will not have any special skills revolving around their individual experiences.

E3 2018: Hands on with Nintendo’s “Let’s Go Pikachu” and “Eevee”

Encountering pokemon in the wild has gotten a major change from all the titles in the past. Now, wild pokemon will be visibly milling about as you travel through tall grass, forested areas, and caves. This gives players the option of avoiding battles entirely. This also helps out when looking for a particular pokemon, saving all the time and energy usually wasted on random chance encounters.

E3 2018: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets Release Date and Full...

One of the most impressive aspects of this game is the character roster. Every character from Super Smash history is seeing a return, including fan favorites Snake, Falco, and Ice Climbers. Characters like Dark Pit who were a reskin of other playable characters have been now reclassified as “Echo Fighters,” designated with a small symbol next to their names that resembles the letter “E.” One new Echo Fighter will be Princess Daisy, a counterpart to Princess Peach. The returning Pokemon Trainer will now be available in both male and female forms.

Soon You’ll Be Able to Buy Comics in Gamestops

Though the announcement to test-sell comics may come as a surprise to many, in some ways it does make sense as the company has had some past-experience when it comes to printed media. Up until 2004, bookseller Barnes & Noble had control of Gamestop, after which the latter became its own company.

Celebrating International Tabletop Day with Some Personal Beat Staff Favorites

In honor of today being International Tabletop Day,  myself and fellow Beat staffer Victor Van Scoit have decided to share some of our own personal-favorite tabletop games. As criteria, we've decided to stay away from oldies like “Chess,” “Monopoly,” and “Dungeons & Dragons,” because there are a TON of other games out there. We have also decided to only share games that are still available for purchase if there are any readers who wish to experience these games for themselves.