Valiant Entertainment is partnering up with Chinese-based distribution company DMG Entertainment to bring Valiant characters to the big screen, according to a report from The New York Times. The deal is described as a nine-figure investment geared at creating films for global audiences as well as animation, theme parks, and merchandise.

Valiant already has three movies in development, including Archer & Armstrong and Shadowman with the Sean Daniel Company, and Bloodshot with Sony.

DMG Entertainment began as an advertising agency and added movie production to its services in the last 6 years, contributing to the production and distribution of Iron Man 3 in China. DMG’s involvement in Iron Man also contributed to the casting of Chinese actor Wang Xueqi and extra footage shot in Beijing. The company is said to have strong ties to the Chinese government and China Film Group, China’s largest state-run film enterprise.

Though the exact figure of the deal was not disclosed, the description is akin to the 2005 deal cultivated by Marvel and Merrill Lynch, which gave Marvel access to $525 million over eight years – the results of which were lucrative, to say the least.


  1. I think DMG will soon discover the difference of attaching themselves to the semi truck of Iron Man 3 (well after Marvel Studios was a massive, established world-wide brand) and hooking-up to Valiant’s minibus of low visibility, low sales titles, unproven in the film business. Those are very different vehicles indeed! I can imagine it must be tempting to try and get in on the ‘next big thing’ if you’re sitting on a hill of cash — but to think that investment and will alone will amount to another success like Marvel’s, reminds me of how investors were shoveling money into companies during the dot-com boom. And we all know how that ended.

  2. Good luck to them. Hope they do the right thing and cut Jim Shooter, Barry Windsor-Smith, and the other creators of those characters in on the royalties.

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