In very sad news, artist Norman Lee went missing over the weekend while snorkeling in the Cayman Islands. Lee was swimming with his wife when she lost contact with him, about 230 meters out from the shore. An intensive search was launched for Lee, but it has been called off, with no recovery expected due to the strong currents in the area.

Lee (different sources give his age as 44 or 47) was primarily an inker, working on both Marvel and DC titles. Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and Wolverine & The X-Men, and many others in a 20 year career. (According to his agent this was his first vacation in 10 years.) He was a regular at conventions, and always a friendly, cheerful presence. Fans and friends have flooded his Facebook page with tributes. It’s all very heartbreaking to read. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.