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Review: THE INVISIBLE MAN gives terrifying shape to a real villain...

After The Mummy failed, Universal took a step back and began to rethink their commitment to the Dark Universe approach. That included their version of The Invisible Man, which was originally set to star Johnny Depp. Well. Thank god for that.

Review: BIRDS OF PREY is a delightful mess

Birds of Prey is arguably a much better Harley movie than it is a Birds of Prey movie, but there are a lot of little things we loved.

Review: Even serious doctoring couldn’t save DOLITTLE

From Downey's distracting accent to its choppy narrative, Dolittle is overworked.

2019 was the year superhero television grew up

One of the most interesting and exciting trends of 2019 was the way superhero-centric television took a great leap forward, proliferating a variety of platforms and positioning itself as water-cooler-worthy fodder.

Review: Gerwig pulls off the impossible with LITTLE WOMEN  

What can you possibly add to a timeless story that’s also already had a successful on-screen adaptation?

THE WITCHER: 5 things we liked & 5 we didn’t

Fans of both The Witcher books series and video games have an early Christmas gift arriving today, in the form of a Netflix adaptation of Geralt of Rivia’s adventures. 

Review: STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER — choose your spoiler...

Whether you just want a yes/no on if we liked it, a little bit of detail, or a full-blown review, we've got you covered.

REVIEW: FROZEN II is deeply weird (in a good way)

Frozen II is arguably a darker, more mature film than its predecessor.

REVIEW: GEMINI MAN Can’t Teach an Old Script New Tricks

Gemini Man features the most ambitious CGI portrayal of a human character we’ve seen in movies yet. But can it deliver?

REVIEW: JOKER has nothing to say but won’t stop talking

The film's equation for murder doesn't add up.

Review: AD ASTRA channels the best of sci-fi greats

Ad Astra manages to hit on all of the best kind of notes we expect from science fiction, easily embracing the dystopian commercialization of the stars while simultaneously allowing us to wonder at their vast, gorgeous, and harsh nature.


Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth in suits. On a poster. Need we say more?