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SDCC ’18: We went to The Good Place and it was...

Take a ride on the shrimp merry-go-round

SDCC ’18: Will the next season of Doctor Who ditch the...

Showrunner and Executive Producer Chris Chibnall was as tight-lipped as ever about what we'd see in the upcoming season of Doctor Who, but he made one thing crystal clear: this season is all about a fresh start, right down to the show's rich history of recurring foes.

REVIEW: The Met Gala is Ocean 8’s surprising secret weapon

It’s a relatively simple change, but one that does wonders for the film. It’s also something that makes Ocean’s 8 feel very of its time. The on-screen recreation of the star-studded Gala and it’s avant-garde styling choices, the celebrity sightings, and the audible in-theater gasps at Rihanna’s outfits felt like they were ripped right out of my Twitter feed.

Breaking: AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR smashes opening weekend box office records

Or another way to look at it: A Disney movie overtakes another Disney movie for the top spot on list of mostly Disney movies.

REVIEW: Avengers: Infinity War – choose your spoiler levels

How do you review a movie the whole world wants to talk about but doesn’t want to talk about? By giving people choices. So here, reader, is a choose your own adventure review. Navigate below for as little or as much feedback as you’d like. Please note: no portion of this review discusses anything that would qualify as an actual spoiler for the film, nor does any portion of the review detail anything more than you’d see in a typical movie review. But for some, less is more until you’ve seen it.

Review: Gorgeous visuals aren’t enough to make A WRINKLE IN TIME...

A Wrinkle in Time’s script works almost as a repetitive positive affirmation for its lead character, Meg, and perhaps the audience by proxy: You are strong, You are good, You have value. Unfortunately the words don't have the strong impact they intend in a script that mostly chooses to tell us what’s happening with our characters and their growth, rather than show.

REVIEW: ANNIHILATION is other-worldly but uneven

On paper, Annihilation is everything I want from a movie. The film stars a group of female scientists and explorers - a biologist, physicist, psychologist, anthropologist, and paramedic - venturing into an unknown phenomenon dubbed "the shimmer." Once inside the glimmering sphere that blankets a small piece of land in Florida, they reflect on the circumstances that led them each to accept the risky mission and confront the physical horrors that stalk them through the bizarre, mutated landscapes.

Review: THOR: RAGNAROK adds some sparkle to the Marvel formula

Thor: Ragnarok doesn't really break the mold; instead, it's all about the little things. It feels like Waititi was working with a bland outline for the film and character arcs, but filled in the outline with wild visuals, sharp dialogue, and some of the best casting I've ever seen.

Review: IT has plenty of laughs, but a shortage of scares

Coming off of this summer's abysmal adaptation of The Dark Tower, Stephen King fans have reason to be weary. King's novels can be difficult to adapt to the big screen, both too sprawling and other-worldly to see play out with your standard issue director without seeming broad or cartoonish. But IT, as a project, held some promise in the early days.

Dragon Con 2017: Danielle Panabaker drops 5 hints on THE FLASH...

Actress Danielle Panabaker, who plays Dr. Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost on The Flash, attended Dragon Con this year, where she provided a few (mostly, incredibly cryptic) clues about what's in store for season 4 of The Flash.

SDCC ’17: We chat with Elhoffer Design about the casual cosplay...

After being let go by WeLoveFine, designer Catherine Elhoffer decided to go into business for herself designing fan-inspired, casual cosplay - outfits inspired by...

SDCC ’17: Riverdale cast and crew discuss how fan reactions change...

Though most of season 1 was already filmed before it aired, Executive Producer Sarah Schechter said one particular fan reaction made its way into...