Top Shelf 2014 three dollar sale PICTURETop Shelf has an annual sale whereby you can acquire some of the greatest comics of alllll tiiiiimes for just $3. The list of sale items is right here. Some 125 titles are marked down, some to just $1! And perennials like League of Extraordinary Gentleman volumes are marked down. It’s time to jump in if you haven’t!

In addition for the first time, Top Shelf is doing digital add-ons—for a buck or two more you can get a digital copy of the books. And Top Shelf takes Paypal as well as major credit cards.

This sale is an incredibly important part of Top Shelf’s fiscal year as proceeds from the sale are used to “kickstart” next year’s books. So dig in — the sale runs until September 26th.. and here are some sample titles:

Slashed prices on brand-new releases and beloved perennials!
— Slashed Prices: League
Century HC, Nemo: Roses of Berlin / Heart of Ice, and more!
— Slashed Prices: March, MLK & the Montgomery Story, A Matter of Life, and more!
— Slashed Prices: Pinocchio Vampire Slayer, Alone Forever, We Can Fix It, and more!
— Slashed Prices: Blankets, From Hell, Lost Girls, God is Disappointed in You, and more!
— Slashed Prices: Essex County, Infinite Kung Fu, Swallow Me Whole, Super Spy, and more!
— Slashed Prices: Lost Dogs, Crater XV, Heck, Alec, Night Animals, and more!
— Slashed Prices: Maddy Kettle, Monster on the Hill, Korgi, Johnny Boo, and more!

Acclaimed graphic novels from world-class talents for $3!
— $3 Titles: The Underwater Welder, League Century 1910/1969/2009, and more!
— $3 Titles: Will You Still Love Me?, The Ticking, Gingerbread Girl, and more!
— $3 Titles: Ax, Voice of the Fire, Unearthing, Hey Mister, The Surrogates, and more!
— $3 Titles: Liar’s Kiss, Lucille, The Lovely
Horrible Stuff, Undeleted Scenes, and more!
— $3 Titles: BB Wolf & The 3 LP’s, Three Fingers, The Troll King, and more!
— $3 Titles: Owly, Upside Down, Pirate Penguin, Incredible Change-Bots, and more!

Discover a new favorite with these great $1 books!
— $1 Titles: From Hell Companion, Stuff about Sex, Pistolwhip, Mephisto, and more!
— $1 Titles: Tales of Woodsman Pete, The Playwright, Sulk (Vols 1/2/3), and more!
— $1 Titles: Van Helsing’s Night Off, Lone Racer, Regards from Serbia, and more!
— $1 Titles: SuperF*ckers #1-#4, The Surrogates #1-#5, Dang!, and more!
— $1 Titles: Comic Book Artist, Hutch Owen, Okie Dokie Donuts, Yam, and more!
— $1 Titles: The Octopi & the Ocean, Tales of the Great Unspoken, and more!
— $1 Titles: Black Ghost Apple Factory, The Man Who Loved Breasts, and more!



  1. Helpful hint – check goodreads before buying…I went nuts last year and then very quickly realized why this stuff was marked down to $1 or what not…there is a LOT of crap in this list that you wouldn’t want if it was free.

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