A report at Latino Review suggests that the Legion of Superheroes, DC’s long running cult comics about a futuristic group of space faring 31st century teenagers, created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, is being developed for a film at Warner Brothers:

According to sources, Warners is quietly sending out the DC comic book Legion Of Superheroes to screenwriters & their reps for takes. For non-industry folks, what that means is that screenwriters check out the comic book and come up for a movie idea involving the characters from that comic. Those writers then go to the studio to pitch their idea. The studio then hires the screenwriter they feel has the best idea or take for the film.

Is Legion Of Superheroes part of the unannounced nine upcoming DC films Warners is planning? Not sure. With Guardians Of The Galaxy officially making more money domestically than Man Of Steel it’s probably under strong consideration. Post Guardians Of The Galaxy, studios are hot for space properties. Disney not only has Guardians Of The Galaxy, but the rumored Inhumans under the Marvel banner. Let’s also not forget the upcoming Star Wars films. Fox got Avatar  sequels in the pipeline and Paramount got the upcoming Interstellar.

Given the success of the quirky Guardians film, it’s clear that any comics property, no matter how obscure, can find success if its handled correctly.

Latino Review stresses that this is just preliminary—pitches are being taken.


The Legion would definitely fit into the post-Guardians space-film race, but in many ways it’s classic DC—a continuity-heavy series that has a smallish but rabid following, and a huge cast of character who are sometimes oddballs. While the story mentions Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl as possible characters, there’s also, in addition to the great Matter Eater Lad, Colossal Boy, Duo Damsel and Phantom Girl. Modern takes on the characters have dropped the “lass and lad” titles. And of course Superboy took time out from his busy adolescence to go forward in time to the 31st century and lead the team.

Confession: I never got the Legion. Never. But even I can see how this could be a charming and exciting film.


  1. But even I can see how this could be a charming and exciting film.

    I like the Legion quite a bit, but I don’t see how this works.

    I mean it could be an excellent movie or television project, don’t get me wrong, but if it’s being done as a knee-jerk reaction to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie by scouring for DC properties that might be similar to it, it is likely to suck.

    Especially if they really do have a “no jokes in our movies” stance.

  2. Hopefully, this will at least lead to DC going back and collecting all those great Legion runs that they inexplicably skipped like the tremendous Giffen/Bierbaums 5 Years Later run.

  3. I think the Legion movie is about a co-dependent future Earth where parents totally cave in to the wants and desires of their children, even if it endangers them. “Oh, you want to dress up as a super-hero and you only want us to address you by your code name? Sure sweetums.”
    “And you need a 4 story custom made club-house? Yeah, I guess we can 3rd mortgage the house so you can have that.”
    “You realize that EVERYONE on Braal has magnetic powers, right? So you’re really not THAT special.”

  4. @Jer, I agree, re: doing it because of Guardians’ success. It’s like ‘someone does this, so we’ve gotta do that’; so not leading but following. Why does WB create your own successes? God knows DC have got so many different types of genres in their books that could be explored. And anyway, the rate WB/DC make their films, by the time they release anything, everyone else would’ve moved on.

  5. A Man of Steel style take on the Legion would be ridiculous to the point of unintentional comedy. A comedic take might succeed or might get labelled a Guardians rip-off (no, the public doesn’t care which characters premiered in the comics first) and just do okay, like what happened with a lot of films that were trying to get some of that Star Wars money back in the day.

    The only modern day fit I can think of for the Legion and its inherent goofiness is a CGI kids film like Disney Animation’s Big Hero 6 or to transform it into one of the live action comedy shows that Disney makes for pre-teen girls.

  6. A sci-fi movie about human and alien teenagers fighting evil in the future … perhaps starring big teen stars of today … how is this NOT a hit? Twilight, Harry Potter and the Hunger Games … in the year 3000.

  7. Please, let’s have Tenzil, if no one else – my non-comics friends are always floored by how awesomely crazy his powers are !

  8. …and if the movie tanks, they can relaunch it five years later with a new cast and story!

    Or a musical!
    “I’m just a magnetic personality, from magnetic Braaaaaal….”
    “Let’s use the Time Bubble again!
    It’s just a blast to the past!”
    “Sprock, Rokk!”

    and this show (and time) stopper:
    I’ve done a lot
    God knows I’ve tried
    To find the truth
    I’ve even lied
    But all I know
    Is down inside I’m
    And super heroes
    Come to feast
    To taste the flesh
    Not yet deceased
    And all I know
    Is still the beast is
    And crawling on the planet’s face
    Some insects called the human race
    Lost in time, and lost in space
    And meaning

    (I’m thinking right before the Intermission, when the entire plot gets retconned by Time Trapper.)

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