Greetings… July 22nd marked ten years of writing and contributing to this site!
(Here’s my first column, a review of the day’s happenings at Comic-Con.)

I’ve been lucky, first in meeting Heidi MacDonald some twenty-five years and gaining her friendship, and being smart enough to listen to her constructive criticism. I’ve made a few mistakes here, learned from them, and been very lucky to have met many amazing people who recognize me for what I write, and compliment me on what I’ve written.

I don’t write a lot. I’m not a journalist, I don’t have the energy or drive to report, and I don’t feel expert enough to critique or review comics. What I do best is try to be as much an oracle as Heidi is, to notice trends both inside and outside the comics industry, and offer warnings and strategies on how to succeed in a changing world. I am a comics evangelist, passionate about the medium, eager to find new readers and new content that excites and teaches and inspires! Yes, I’ve got some crazy ideas! Buy me a drink, and I’ll be happy to discuss anything!

So, in the past ten years, I’ve posted over 700 articles here. To celebrate and note the passage of time, here are some of what I think are my best. If you want to scroll through all 60 pages of my work, or just read my latest, click here. For even crazier stuff, check out my blog! Or my YouTube channel!

I don’t know what the next ten years will bring. Heck, I’m more concerned about the next 100 days. Whatever happens, I hope to meet you sometime in the future, where we can talk about how memes are the new editorial cartoons, and how “Woman Yelling at Cat” spawned a new generation of comics talent.

Here they are in no particular order!

Crazy Ideas

How Diverse is the Dewey Decimal Classification When It Comes to Comics? You’d Be Surprised What One Librarian Discovered!

Let’s Play Comics and Captions!

Fun and Games: Running the Comics Marathon

Trendspotting: Disneybounding Adds a Fashionable Variant to Cosplay!

Dandelion Seeds: Comic Shop Crawl

Celebrate National Geek Day! (Yeah, I Made That Up.)

Oscar’s Razor: The Simple Solution to Make the Oscars Run On Time

Into the Scooby-Dooniverse: An intro to the massive shared cartoon universe you never knew existed

SHUT IN THEATER: We re-share a KEVIN BACON game you can play via text message or teleconferencing!

Convention planning

Building a Comics Oasis: How to Stage a Comic-Conglomeration in Vegas

Wondering about Wandering WonderCon

New York Comic Con 2020: A Look Back

Comics Evangelism

Ross Richie Wants to Push #ComicsForward (so I’m giving some direction)

Dandelion Seeds: Halloween and the Holidays

Oh Brave New World…


RIP Saturday Morning Cartoons 1962-2014

The Most Difficult Questions Usually Don't Have Any Answers

Who Believes In You?

Gerade Links: My Train Of Thought Goes Off The Rails

When Memorial Day Becomes Remembrance Day

From the Archives: Star Trek #7, March 1970

The Bestselling-ist Graphic Novel in the United States Celebrates 45 Years!

From Skippy to Joker: All the comic book films that have been nominated for an Academy Award

We are not in a “golden age” of comics

SHUT IN THEATER: What are the earliest produced films based on comics?


  1. Thanks for all the work Torsten. Your insights and perspective make for fun and interesting reads.

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