Skybound/Image Comics have announced a new Summoners War: Legacy comic, which will be based on the popular mobile game of the same name.

This new Summoners War comic — dubbed Summoners War: Legacy — will be made in conjunction with the game’s publisher, Com2uS, and it was unveiled for the first time Sunday at the online Skybound Xpo event. The creative team for the book — which wasn’t given a release date aside from “future” — is writer Justin Jordan (Reaver, Dead Body Road), artist Luca Claretti (Adventure Time Comics), colorist Giovanna Niro (Star Trek: Nero), and letterer Deron Bennett (Excellence, Assassin Nation).

To mirror the experience of having learned about this forthcoming project at a real, in-person comic event, there will also be a “con exclusive” version of Summoners War: Legacy #1, which runs for $10. It’s a special gold foil issue that comes with redeemable in-game reward vouchers to the tune of 200 gems and three scrolls. This con exclusive was billed by the publishers as “a sneak preview into the larger Summoners War: Legacy comic book series.”

It is available for pre-order through Skybound’s online shop.

There will be 32 pages of story plus seven pages of additional material, and it is all set 35 years before the conflict that the mobile game is centered around. Fans of the game will find familiar trappings within the comic, including monsters, the fate of Durand’s parents, and an expanded take on the mystical land of Alea with all its colorful characters (Abuus, Rai, Tomas, etc.).

In short, the publishers say that the comic “brings a rich lore to the franchise and draws new connections to the upcoming Summoners War games and the Summoners War: Sky Arena game that fans know and love.”