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Mark Millar’s CHRONONAUTS sequel will drop all four issues on same...

This second series of Choronauts will feature artwork by Eric Canete.

SDCC ‘19: Marvel, DC, more unveil plans at annual retailer lunch

Over half a dozen publishers unveiled their plans for the rest of 2019 during the retailer event.

SDCC ’19: Spawn exclusives, signings, and more at the Image booth

Get your Spawn prints, pins, vinyl figures, t-shirts, and more...

THE WALKING DEAD springs a surprise end on readers today with...

The move comes after Image solicited several months of new THE WALKING DEAD comics to fake out readers.

Todd McFarlane returns to draw landmark SPAWN #301

With this issue, Spawn becomes the longest-running well-known creator-owned comic in the world.

Brandon Thomas, Khary Randolph’s EXCELLENCE #1 gets second print

There's no excuse for missing out on this one.

PREVIEW: New tech thriller THUMBS weaponizes social media users

Each issue will span 40 pages.

Hit comic LITTLE BIRD #1 gets 3rd printing, new cover with...

Little Bird #1, a creator-owned book that debuted last month to wide-spread acclaim, is getting a third printing. The comic will also get a new...

Jason Aaron announces new creator-owned comic, SEA OF STARS

Sea of Stars is being billed as Jack Kirby, Finding Nemo, and The Road...in space.

Watters and Dani team on new grindhouse comic COFFIN BOUND

'This is a book about cars, guns, and sex—and how each of those things does little to stave off the bottomless void waiting just beyond the veil of our known existence.'

Creator-owned horror comic UNEARTH to mix supernatural and disease

A team of scientists face '...a supernatural revelation from which they may never escape.'

Dark fantasy comic REAVER arrives in time for Game of Thrones...

For those who just can't get enough of zombies and demons and the like hitting people with axes...