Click here for our roundup of the first half of the day at Day 1 of Skybound Xpo.

The second half of Skybound Xpo Day One introduced fans to some behind-the-scenes of tabletop games, and emphasized diversity and queer representation in the company’s comics.

Last fall, Skybound announced the release of Court of the Dead: Dark Harvest in association with Sideshow Collectibles. Today, the team revealed a simulator version of the tabletop game to demonstrate for fans. With the ongoing social distancing due to COVID-19, this simulator could be a great community game online if Sideshow ever releases it as a digital counterpart.

Diversity is a major theme with Skybound’s games. The ‘Diversity is not a gimmick’ panel that followed the Dark Harvest demo highlighted the importance of game design as a career choice for kids regardless of background. The team shared a collective concern regarding creativity spawned from a homogeneous community, that doesn’t have room for LGBTQ+, Black and other minority groups.

firepower 1

Later, Skybound’s Shawn Kirkham announced a couple of special store discounts available for a brief time online during ‘Comics Vault LIVE’ with free shipping this weekend for orders above $65. The site is also offering 50% off on Skybound books and tabletop games, 75% off on all merchandise, and a bundle of five t-shirts for $10. Watch out for the next Comics Vault Live on August 7 for more!

Kirkham also announced that graded and signed copies of Fire Power #1 are now available for $120 on the Skybound store. The graded comics are signed by series writer and Skybound chairman Robert Kirkman.

Check back later this weekend for more updates from Skybound Xpo!