We’re now officially into 2020, so welcome back to the Friday Edition of Studio Coffee Run!

This was a big one for awards and nominations as the Golden Globes picked their winners and host Ricky Gervais quoted my Cats review! That was pretty exciting and somewhat surreal. That was followed by a number of Guild awards from the Writers Guild (WGA), the Producers Guild (PGA) and the Directors Guild (DGA). The first two went with many of the expected movies, including Todd PhillipsJoker, but the DGA did not nominate Phillips, instead nominating SCR’s favorite filmmaker,Taika Waititi, for his movie Jojo Rabbit! We’ll have to see how those two movies fare with Oscar nominations when they’re announced on Jan. 13 i.e. Monday!

It was also announced this week that for the second year in a row, the Oscar awards ceremony will go without a host, which is a shame.

In Case You Missed It…

Things started to pick up again this week as Hollywood decided to get back into gear and besides the awards nominations above, GLAAD announced their annual awards, as did BAFTA, who nominated Joker 11 times!

Christian Bale may be joining the MCU…

The Oscar-winning actor has been in talks to join Thor: Love and Thunder by THAT DIRECTOR (you know the one).

Scott Derickson steps down from DOCTOR STRANGE sequel

It was bound to happen, but with all the stuff going on in the MCU and how things are being tied into the Disney+ shows, Marvel Studios was bound to lose one of their film directors. I’m just surprised and disappointed that it’s Derickson, since he did such a great job on the first movie, and I was looking forward to what he did with a sequel. I honestly think the “creative differences” involved all the characters and MCU ties that were probably being forced on Derickson, either by Kevin Feige or by Disney itself. Gotta sell those toys! (And also have to make sure there are toys to sell when your Disney+ shows launch, right?)

Multiple AVATAR sequels? What a concept!

I’m not sure how excited people are for the fact that James Cameron is in the midst of making multiple sequels to his Oscar-winning blockbuster Avatar, but they’re happening, and in hopes of getting people excited, some new concept art leaked that showed other parts of Pandora that we didn’t see in the first movie.

20th Century Fox/Disney
20th Century Fox / Disney
20th Century Fox / Disney
20th Century Fox / Disney

Zimmer, Hans Zimmer…

No Time to Die
U.A. Releasing

A story that really seemed to slip through the cracks this week is that Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer would be composing the score for Cary Fukunaga’s No Time to Die, the 25th official James Bond movie. Zimmer took over for Dan Romer, who had been dismissed by EON due to “creative differences.” Romer previously scored Fukunaga’s acclaimed Beasts of No Nation, as well as the unrelated Beasts of the Southern Wild, just to make things confusing. Oddly, David Arnold, who had scored five previous James Bond movies, including Daniel Craig’s debut in Casino Royale, wasn’t contacted. Zimmer is gonna have a busy year, as he’s also scoring Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, Wonder Woman 1984, and Top Gun: Maverick.

More horror remakes a-coming

Despite the disappointing showing for The Grudge and a slew of new remakes and reboots coming this year, these things aren’t going away anytime soon, and the latest “remake” news comes from ThatHashtagShow, who claim that It director Andy Muschietti, who presumably is working on hard on his The Flash movie is also developing a remake of the 1981 horror classic, The Howling, and it’s for Netflix! Presumably Muschietti will direct this remake as well, and hopefully it’s after getting The Flash on its feet for its July, 2022 relase date.

Is Hulu trying to infringe on Netflix’s post-apocalyptic streaming monopoly?


That’s how it seems when you read the description of the new Hulu series sci-fi drama Utopia Falls, produced by Sonar Entertainment, which is hitting the streaming network on February 14. What seems different about this post-apocalyptic series that’s set “amidst the charred ruins of Earth” is that it will be “infused with music and dance.” It also features the voices of Snoop Dogg and music from everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Bill Withers, so this probably won’t be another Daybreak i.e. it might actually get a second season.  The show stars Robyn Alomar, Akiel Julien, Robbie Graham-Kuntz, Phillip Lewitski and more while Snoop Dogg is “the voice of the Archive.” The showrunner is Joseph Mallozzi from the “Stargate” TV franchise, so it has some legit sci-fi cred.

Here’s the tagline and it sounds like an interesting idea… maybe?

Set in the not-too-distant future, amidst the charred ruins of Earth, Utopia Falls follows a group of teens chosen to compete in the prestigious Exemplar performing arts competition in the seemingly idyllic colony of New Babyl. When they stumble upon a hidden archive of cultural relics, they are forced to question everything they have been taught, ultimately using the power of music to ignite change and expose the truth. Showcasing a variety of musical genres and dance styles (Hip Hop, Pop, Latin, House, Classical, Indigenous, among others), and featuring themes of afrofuturism, youth activism, and eco-awareness, Utopia Falls is the first ever performance based sci-fi series for culturally diverse and socially and politically minded young audiences.”

Casting tidbits…

Robert Aramayo

There are two projects that seem to be getting the most attention in this part of Studio Coffee Run, Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix 4 and Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series. That continues this week as Robert Aramayo joined Lord of the Rings, taking over the lead role vacated by Will Poulter last month. Aramayo played the young Ned Stark on Game of Thrones, so he clearly has his epic fantasy chops already.

Meanwhile, Matrix 4 was joined by German actor Max Riemelt, another actor who appeared in Wachowski’s Netflix series, Sense 8, as the actor announced on his social media.

Also, actress Leven Ramblin from The Hunger Games and True Detective has joined The Purge 5, which I guess it the third movie that we seem to be talking about a lot in Studio Coffee Run.

Trailers! Trailers! Trailers!

Besides the trailer for Netflix’s new Locke and Key series, there weren’t a ton of trailers, maybe because we’ll basically be seeing new trailers for stuff coming out in March and April for most of this month. (Maybe there will be better trailers in front of Bad Boys for Life, when it opens the week of January 17.

Oddly, that isn’t the only IDW series coming to Netflix this month, as IDW Entertainment also released a new trailer for Season 1 of October Faction, based on Steve Niles’ comic. This one stars J.C. Mackenzie, Tamara Taylor, Gabriel Darku and Aurora Burghart as a family who return to their hometown only to learn that their dead patriarch was a monster hunter. It’s being described as Men in Blankmeets Riverdale, which seems apt going by the trailer.


I never got around to seeing the 2016 horror movie, The Boy – not to be confused with the 2015 movie The Boy, which was great – but apparently, it did well enough with $68.2 million worldwide to get a sequel, and STX released the first trailer for Brahms: The Boy IIearlier this week. That actually opens in just over a month, and it once again stars Katie Holmes.

I guess that’s enough for the Friday Edition, but Josh Hilgenberg will back Tuesday with his usual wonderful self.


  1. Considering that Cameron has been talking about multiple Avatar sequels ever since his first Dances with Aliens movie came out, I can’t get very excited about them. I was never in much of a hurry to see the first one.

  2. This article make me glad I’m not wasting money on a Netflix subscription.

    And I hope Scott Derickson (who did a great job of directing the 2016 Dr. Strange movie) finds another project soon — hopefully one where the world’s most controlling corporation, Disney, won’t be calling the shots.

    Mark Harris joked that in 2 or 3 years, Disney-Marvel will probably “have the bugs worked out” and will be making movies without directors. They’re getting closer to that every day.

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