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MY LITTLE PONY retro cartoon/toys embrace ’80s roots

Dustin's MLP Thesis gains further evidence!

SDCC ’19: Kevin Wada’s Shadow and Bone poster amps up excitement...

Will Netflix reveal Shadow and Bone details at SDCC?

THE CUPHEAD SHOW! rolls the dice at Netflix

Cuphead and Mugman are back at it.

REVIEW: STRANGER THINGS prepares to turn the page in a thrilling...

Return to The Upside Down with an all-new season of thrills and adventure.

Netflix’s CANNON BUSTERS launches in August

LeSean Thomas'long awaited story is finally reaching the public.

Studio Coffee Run: LITTLE MERMAID eyes actors for Ariel’s friends, Amazon’s...

Netflix releases BTS pics from STRANGER THINGS Season 3; Jay and Silent Bob hit SDCC.

SDCC ’19: Mattel teases SHE-RA dolls including Catra & Bow

The full She-Ra x Mattel line will debut at SDCC.

SDCC ’19: Matt Groening announces new Bapper Books line

The line debuts with a hardcover and continues as a digital first series.

A SANDMAN tv show could be coming to Netflix

A late Sunday announcement from Hollywood Reporter reveals that Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is likely coming to Netflix. This isn’t the first attempted adaptation of...