One should never really doubt the power of Kevin Feige, given that he just continues to be, seemingly, the most powerful industry figure in Hollywood. But even with all his abilities, and all his sway, the idea that one could get former Batman Christian Bale to suit up for another superhero vehicle seemed like something that was beyond even his powers.

Well, after the man has won an Oscar, and been nominated a handful of times since (possibly even this year, we’ll find out next week), maybe he’s softened on the big budget stuff again. Heck, he is a dad after all, and Hollywood dads always seem to love playing in movies their kids actually wanna see.

So here we are, with Bale entering into talks to join, what is for my money, the most anticipated upcoming Marvel film – Taika Waititi‘s follow-up to the masterpiece of our times, Thor: Ragnarok in Thor: Love & Thunder.

Our buds at Collider dropped the scoop today, but there’s no indication quite yet who Bale will play in the film that sees Natalie Portman‘s Jane Foster become the next Thor, but if the internet has its way, only three words will suffice:

Beta Ray Bill.

The iconic character, created by Walt Simonson, was slyly hinted at in Ragnarok, so it’s very possible that Waititi may have some serious affection for the character. And heck, if you’re Bale and all you gotta do is roll into a recording session in your pajamas, that seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Though if history is our guide, he might be playing the villain. He could make a pretty good Dario Agger actually.

Of course, I’m still holding out hope that we might finally get Balder the Brave on-screen at some point in my lifetime. We’re gonna be four movies in, you gotta get Thor’s best pal in there somewhere, guys.

Thor: Love & Thunder opens November 5, 2021