Next week, AHOY Comics will release Second Coming: Trinity #2. The latest issue of the critically-acclaimed series comes from the creative team of writer Mark Russell, artists Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk, colorist Andy Troy, and letterer Rob Steen. Today The Beat is pleased to debut a preview of the upcoming issue, which finds God making an excursion and Jesus striking out on his own.

Here’s how AHOY describes Second Coming: Trinity #2:

God helps Sunstar with a haircut, then tags along on Sunstar’s date with Sheila. Meanwhile, Jesus does babysitting duty for a super-powered toddler!

The new issue is the first time God has appeared since the birth of Sunstar’s son, Jordan, at the end of the previous Second Coming volume, Only Begotten Son. In an interview with The Beat before the first issue of Trinity released, Russell described God’s headspace as the series continues:

“God still feels guilty about what happened to Jesus two thousand years ago. Especially since he was basically murdered by people God created in his own image. So God is now not only worried about the safety of his own son, but how his son might inadvertently lead Jordan into similar trouble.”

Will a group of souls who don’t even believe in him help God get his head on straight?

Check out the five-page preview of Second Coming: Trinity #2 (of 6), as well as the variant cover for the issue by Tom Fowler, below. The issue is set to arrive in stores and digitally next Wednesday, May 10th.