We are turning our attention to another comic from Bulgilhan Pressthe company’s first for 2023: Far Distant by A Liang Chan (Interim, Viscera, Everything You Will Forget), currently on Crowdfundr.
Read the details below:
Far Distant follows a researcher all on their own in a remote region as their dreams become stranger and stranger, slowly creating a sublime dissonance and ambivalence illustrated in methodical paneling and uncanny, symbolic artwork.
While wrapping up their second cycle conducting research in isolation, this Keeper contemplates an anomalous transmission that describes something unknown, until their dreams begin to change and soon, a choice must be made: repeat the same cycle over and over or transform. When alone with your thoughts, what would you do when your dreams start talking to you?
Check out pages and the cover from the 56-page full-color book below, and sign up for updates on Crowdundr here.
Far Distant Far Distant