Jim Lee has held multiple positions at DC over the years. Along with being the artist on some of DC’s biggest titles, Lee has been the publisher, either in-tandem or solo, since 2010, and the Chief Creative Officer since 2018. It’s time for him to order new business cards, though, as The Wrap reports that Jim Lee has been named President of DC.

From the Wrap report:

Jim Lee, the world-renowned artist, writer, editor, and publisher, was named president, publisher and chief creative officer of the iconic comic book company, DC, Pam Lifford , president of global brands, franchises and experiences at Warner Bros. Discovery, announced on Wednesday.

Lee will continue to report to Lifford.

Lee will continue in his primary duties as publisher at DC Comics, leading the creative teams at the world-famous comic book company. He also leads creative efforts to integrate DC’s publishing portfolio of characters and stories across all media, supporting Warner Bros. Discovery’s family of brands and studios.

Lee joined DC after the company acquired his Wildstorm Studios in 1999. The artist-turned-executive has been a mainstay at the publisher, having over the years survived numerous rounds of cuts and restructurings by corporate parents, most recently following the WB/Discovery merger. While the film side of DC has wavered and changed leadership a number of times, Lee has been a steady figure for DC the comics publisher, taking over as CCO from Geoff Johns in 2018 and stepping into the role of sole publisher following Dan Didio‘s departure in 2020.


  1. Can somebody run down the differences between President, Publisher, Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief?

  2. This is just Jim Lee performing his Mickey Mouse role for DC. I’m sure Jim has done plenty of good things behind the scenes, and probably will continue to do so, but part of his role at DC is, just simply ‘being Jim Lee’. In order for this ‘being Jim Lee’ to have an actual (or imaginary) function, sometimes announcements featuring Jim Lee have to be made. ‘Jim Lee draws Batman cover’. ‘Jim Lee eats a pie’. ‘Jim Lee for President’. ‘Jim Lee speaks out on most of his colleagues being fired’…. ehm, no, I think I missed that last one…..

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