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Diamond’s Steve Geppi, DSTLRY’s David Steinberger and ICV2’s Milton Griepp turned heads when they gathered for a photo in the lobby.

Day One of the annual ComicsPRO meeting was a super duper jam-packed day of news and schmooze, some of which you can read here at the site. While publishing news made the most headlines (as it should) here at the show, the most buzz was for behind-the-scenes announcements that will affect how comics shops do business … and many things that had retailers standing up and cheering.

The biggest applause came when DC broke the news that they will return to a Wednesday release schedule for new periodicals, beginning in July.

Responding to feedback from retailers and readers, DC is returning to the traditional Wednesday on sale timing, with new collected editions and graphic novels continuing to release on Tuesdays. As a result of supply chain disruption in 2020, the publisher pivoted to a Tuesday release schedule for new periodicals. This summer, DC will realign with the industry standard of Wednesday releases, and the New Comic Book Day that fans look forward to each week.

DC shifted to Tuesday releases when they went with new distributors Lunar and UCB, back in 2021, and stuck with it when they stuck with Lunar. The move was always unpopular with retailers, and the reaction among retailers here was best described as uproarious applause. 

One of the reasons for the joy: The two release days meant two days for FOC (final order cut off), which meant that even if retailers sold DC comics on Wednesdays (not uncommon) they still had to devote some of their Sunday to ordering. The announcement means some retailers will “get their Sunday back,” as one told me. 

Diamond also got applause earlier in the day when it announced a shift to flat pricing for shipping. You can read the entire announcement below, but this was also met with lots of approval from retailers as shipping costs could be more than the cost of goods depending on various factors. 

Over the course of the pandemic, Diamond had been more open about shipping charges being a profit center for them, to much retailer discontent. With Lunar offering shipping at generally less than 2% and PRH having free shipping, cutting shipping costs was a way for Damond to remain competitive — and lessen costs for retailers in a time of razor thin margins. 

PR below:

At Diamond, we’re dedicated to strengthening our partnership and contributing to your success and the success of our industry. Central to this mission is our commitment to providing the widest range of products, along with systems specifically designed for the Direct Market that streamline your operations and significantly reduce the time you spend tracking costs and managing logistics.

In line with this commitment, we are excited to introduce Flat Rate Standard Shipping on most products for Continental US customers currently served by UPS. Set to launch in April, this change aims to simplify your shipping process and reduce your costs, making your expenses more predictable and manageable.

Reflecting on our promise from last February, we’ve already implemented two significant freight reductions for our U.S. retailers serviced by UPS. The introduction of Flat Rate Shipping marks the latest evolution of this journey, aiming to boost your profitability and streamline your operations further.

“Our expansion in fulfillment operations for comic and game publishers, along with various cost-saving measures we’ve undertaken, has enabled us to offer Flat Rate Standard Shipping without compromising the quality service you’ve come to expect,” says Steve Geppi, Chairman, President & CEO of Geppi Family Enterprises and Diamond Comic Distributors. “This move is not just about reducing costs; it’s about making your business more efficient and predictable.”

Here’s what Flat Rate Standard Shipping means for you:

  1. Predictable Shipping Costs: Enjoy the predictability of shipping with a flat rate for most products, facilitating easier management of your expenses.
  2. Transparent Pricing: Only 3% of retail on all product categories (or 3% of MSRP on net-priced products), ensuring clear and straightforward pricing.
  3. Upfront Fee Disclosure: Any special fees will be communicated at the time of solicitation, maintaining clarity and consistency in pricing.
  4. Applicability: This rate applies to both weekly deliveries and replenishment orders, providing you with greater flexibility.
  5. Direct Ship Reorders: Continue to take advantage of Direct Ship Reorders. A nominal $7.50 handling fee will be applied to orders under $500 retail / MSRP.
  6. One Invoice for Ease: For Standard Shipping customers, freight and other fees will be consolidated on the same invoice as the related products, streamlining your accounting process. Please note, customers outside of Standard Shipping will continue to see freight charges billed a week in arrears, as part of our phased approach to enhance billing simplicity across all services.
  7. No Change for drop point or LTL customers: Customers currently served by drop points, LTL trucks, or other shipping services will experience no change, ensuring consistency for customers who prefer those service options.

We appreciate your ongoing partnership and trust in DCD. The launch of Flat Rate Standard Shipping this April is poised to make a positive impact on your business, and we eagerly anticipate supporting your success even more in the future.


  1. My LCS was considering dropping Diamond due to shipping costs. So this was good news for me as I buy a good amount of non-Lunar/PRH titles and would have had to find another source.

  2. No virtue signalling or crying about ‘marginalized’ creators from corrupt Heidi! Interesting article that presents facts without her usual misandrist POV.

    Maybe she realizes what the industry really wants. And it aint more Alex De Crappy Campi

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