Say what you will about the Inhumans, without a doubt the Lockjaw plush Exclusives offered at the Marvel Booth last year were downright adorable.

Sadly, Marvel isn’t offering any plush related Exclusives at this year’s SDCC but it still has plenty of goodies.

As usual, the shirt designs are on point with Thanos and Infinity War images unsurprisingly maintaining a strong presence among selection. For those unable to score a Mattel Exclusive Thanos-copter, the Thanos-Copter t-shirt is a solid consolation. Interestingly, there was a “Killmonger was Right” shirt that was advertised but seems to have been removed from Marvel’s official site. Whatever the reason, ever since Black Panther became a smash hit back in February, it’s not as if there’s any shortage of custom “Killmonger was Right” shirts online.

With the Fantastic Four returning the comics, it’s notable to see Marvel’s “First Family” finally get some merch love with both a shirt and pin set. If/When the FF movie rights are solidified, expect more to come.

Vinyl album soundtracks are hot commodities, and Marvel’s music from both its films and television shows have become popular items. Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu is the latest to receive a vinyl album exclusively at SDCC.

Naturally, comic variants and Skottie Young design inspired enamel pins will also be sold. Stop by Booth #2329 while supplies last and check out the merch images below-