As SDCC draws near, exhibitors continue to announce their Exclusives. And as usual, Mattel doesn’t disapoint.

Some may recall that the hot item that quickly sold out was the Hot Wheels Spider-Mobile toy. A throwback to one of the more ridiculous aspects of Silver Age Spider-Man comics yet still loved for its kitschy nature. If you loved that Exclusive, you better start lining up at Booth #2945 for what’s sure to be another hit at this year’s show with the Thanos Copter.


First appearing in issue #39 of Spidey Super-Stories, a comic series intended for children, it’s become a thing of legend and a popular meme among fans. It was even included in the Marvel Lego video game.  It’s a safe assumption that Thanos creator Jim Starlin never had this vehicle in mind when he conceived the character who has now become a household name thanks to the monumental success of Avengers: Infinity War.

At a a price of $15 The die-cast helicopter, featuring Thanos at the controls, comes packaged in its own Cosmic Cube. Can’t make SDCC? Never fear- The Thanos Copter set will be available via presale on Tuesday, June 26, at 10 a.m. PT on


Over at the DC Comics toys, 2018 happens to be not only the 80th Anniversary of Superman but also the 50th Anniversary of the Hot Wheels toy line. With that convergence of celebrations, a Hot Wheels DC Superman Action Comics No. 1 is a no-brainer. This diorama of that iconic cover of Superman lifting a green sedan will sell for $20. As I learned from Dexter’s Lab, this is one you want NRFB.



Finally, there’s the premium three-pack re-creation of Aquaman No. 3. This $60 set includes six-inch figures of Aquaman, Ocean Master and Black Manta, all of whom come with 23 points of articulation, retro styling and interchangeable hands for a variety of combat conditions. As I have routinely pointed out, Warner Bros. is pushing the Aquaman film hard at SDCC as evident with all these exhibitor Exclusives.