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SDCC ’19: DISENCHANTMENT: UNTOLD TALES is a bold introduction to Bapper...

Disenchantment: Untold Tales fixes a hole in the market for irreverent adventures of overbite-prone characters.

SDCC ’19: Let it burn with this exclusive Dumpster Fire toy

100% Soft brings an exclusive to SDCC that will have your cash burning a hole in your pocket.

SDCC ’19: Lego unveils epic lifesize Episode 9 Sith trooper

There's an exclusive bust too!

SDCC ’19: LEGO Exclusive Captain Marvel Set Includes Flerken

Go Higher, Further, Faster with this SDCC Exclusive!

SDCC ’19: Cobra Kai, Foot Clan, and More Invade NECA Exclusives

Begun the SDCC Exclusive reveals have!

SDCC ’19: Diamond Exclusives Are Totally Bodacious!

The mother of all Con Exclusives arrives in July!

SDCC ’18: BBC Announces Doctor Who Exclusive Merch and Signings

BBC brings the 13th Doctor merch to SDCC!

SDCC ’18: LEGO Unveils Two More Minifig Giveaways

Everything is awesome with the SDCC LEGO minifigs!

SDCC ’18: Skybound Entertainment Unveils DIE!DIE!DIE! Figures, More New Merchandise

Toys, Pins, Shirts, and more among Skybound's SDCC Exclusives!

SDCC ’18: Conan O’Brien Unveils Four Fantastic Funko Figures

Take a look at this year's Exclusive Funko figures from Team Coco

SDCC ’18: LEGO Exclusive Sheriff Deadpool Minifig Giveaway

The Quick and the Deadpool LEGO SDCC Exclusive