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AJ Frost is an editor/writer based out of Phoenix, AZ.

INTERVIEW: Pursuing History with Dan Goldman in CHASING ECHOES

Goldman based the book on his own experiences going on a family trip to the Old Country.

10 series Disney Afternoon kids can stream on Disney+

Well, the big day is finally here and Disney+ is live and available for streaming! Though there are still a few kinks in the...

A Year Of Free Comics: My modest proposal

How I wrote an engaging comic!

INTERVIEW: Drew Friedman Provides a Portrait of a Nation with ALL...

A captivating look at the American presidency from Washington to the present!

INTERVIEW: R.J. Palacio soars against bigotry in debut graphic novel, WHITE...

The best-selling author of Wonder writes a moving Holocaust story that reminds us how to fight present-day hate.

INTERVIEW: Exploring a (far, far away) galaxy of fun with REY...

It's useless to resist... the adorable shenanigans of the galaxy's greatest little heroes!

INTERVIEW: Cecil Castellucci puts a magical, modern twist on SNOW WHITE

80 years after her debut on the big screen, SNOW WHITE sees a new light in Dark Horse's modern adaptation of the classic tale.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES still bring thrills across the generations

Still going strong after thirty-five years, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles belong to the fans

SDCC ’19: MR. WOLF’S CLASS is back in session: an interview...

Charting the path of Mr. Wolf's Class from mini-comic to the exhibition floor of San Diego Comic-Con.

SDCC ’19: Things go off the rails at the BOOK OF...

"It was more punk rock than punk rock music: total anarchy!"

SDCC ’19: DISENCHANTMENT: UNTOLD TALES is a bold introduction to Bapper...

Disenchantment: Untold Tales fixes a hole in the market for irreverent adventures of overbite-prone characters.

SDCC ‘ 19: From Comics to Community Organizing: Diverse experiences allow...

"If you can help bring the truth to people, then you have to carry that load."