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AJ Frost is an editor/writer based out of Phoenix, AZ.

SDCC ’18: The Diverse Breadth of European Comics for American Librarians...

Exploring what European comics offer for American readers

SDCC ’18: INTERVIEW – Exploring the Depths of the Human Condition...

The most humane creator in cartooning talks about his Comic Con experience, upcoming works, and Limp Bizkit.

SDCC ’18: There’s Madness in the Method of Making Marvel!

An inside look how a Marvel book is made from the creators, writers, and editors who make it happen!

INTERVIEW: Cracking the Crimson Shell of APHRODITE V with writer BRYAN...

Writer and media consultant Bryan Hill breaks down his forthcoming action comic series and leaves no stone unturned!

PREVIEW: Seeking the Creator of Little Nemo in McCAY

Titan Comics previews the fall release of the possibly true tale of innovative cartoonist Winsor McCay.

REVIEW: Hearts Beat & Fists Clench for Justice in Dean Haspiel’s...

Dean Haspiel's imagines a world where art is currency and superheroes are more than vigilantes in the Ringo Award-winning The Red Hook.

INTERVIEW: The History & Future of Holocaust Comics in WE SPOKE...

Historian Rafael Medoff and Comics Expert/Archivist Craig Yoe discuss the historical importance of comic about the Holocaust and what they mean for contemporary and future readers.

INTERVIEW: NEAL ADAMS Talks Comics as Witness and Testimony in WE...

Legendary creator, writer, and artist Neal Adams talks about the historical vitality of comics to tell stories about the Holocaust and the present need for Holocaust education.

INTERVIEW: Conjuring Up Prophecies and Dragon Adventures with WINGS OF FIRE...

Author Tui Sutherland explores the challenges and limitless potential of creating a fantasy world filled with dynamic dragons, mysterious prophecies, and vital lessons for younger readers.


Swordplay? Check! Norse Cities in the Sky? Check! Centaurs? Check! Bitter Feuding Brothers Unite to Fight a Bigger Threat? Check!