This week sees the conclusion of Simon Spurrier and Rachel Stott’s Vertigo collaboration, Motherlands, which was a part of a recent slate of titles that saw some of DC’s more recently enlisted talent like Spurrier and Joshua Williamson provide a little oomph to that line that had basically been a home for Astro City and the occasional American Vampire anthology. Now, just ahead of Vertigo’s huge relaunch that will see a slate of 7 new titles, and a Sandman Universe line orchestrated by Neil Gaiman; one of those more recent offerings comes to a close this week. The Beat has an exclusive preview for the final chapter of Motherlands, out in stores this Wednesday:

Heroes, villains, siblings. All these and more collide in the explosive conclusion of Vertigo’s acclaimed series, which finds Tabitha and her most-wanted-murderer-in-the-Multiverse brother Bubba learning the unbelievable truth about their mother, a secret that will turn this already mega-dysfunctional family upside down forever.


  1. Didn’t know this existed. Has what I like about Spurrier, and I’ve only read one of his X-Force volumes. What I like is that featured characters are nasty and believable. Makes a great tone when reading that distinguishes it from that of other comics on the stands. The colouring on the X-Force book and here on this Motherlands title works to that tonal end as well, between protagonists and other characters. Lot to like here.

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