Dark Horse Comics and DICE have partnered in the past on art books and comic series based on properties such as Battlefield 1 and Mirror’s Edge. With DICE set to deliver their video game return to World War II in Battlefield V, it’s only fitting the partnership continue as Dark Horse announced The Art of Battlefield V.

The 200 page art book chronicles the development of EA DICE’s latest installment in the Battlefield series, The Art of Battlefield V  will be filled with hundreds of pieces of concept art showcasing the creative process from rough sketch to final on-screen imagery, paired with exclusive commentary from the talented team at DICE who put it all together.

Battlefield as a franchise has a player base of over 50 million users over its library of titles and has been a rare modicum of goodwill for publisher Electronic Arts by not forcing additional purchases post-launch this time around. Its message for Battlefield V has not been without controversy as a thin slice of its players have complained about the new game’s cover featuring a female solider, claiming the hashtag “notmybattlefield” in the name of historical inaccuracy. An odd argument when any literature or simple google search on women in World War II yields more than a fair amount of factual information and stories about the pivotal roles females played in history’s greatest conflict.

Battlefield V Standard Edition Game Box Art

Not only have DICE and EA stuck to their guns on it but are doubling down by featuring the same female soldier on the art book’s cover. Battlefield 1’s war stories single player campaign delivered some truly epic moments and personally, I can’t wait to see what story they tell with the game’s cover soldier in Battlefield V.

Battlefield V launches on October 19, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Art of Battlefield V hits bookstores on October 16, 2018.