Okay kids, as you read this I’ll be winging my way to Whale’s Vagina to hit the ground running and get the lay of the land — good thing too, because press stuff starts Wednesday at NOON. I told folks to have press stuff on Preview Night day—now I’m sorry they listened.

Most of you are probably already on the road or in the deadzone and non reading the internet. For the other five of your, here are threee useful posts for wherever you may be.

First off, Click Communications has their sixth annual guide to Comic-Con with info on movies, TV, exclusives, stuff coming out in 2014—and even some suggestions for comics to read. I especially likes this page of the “usual suspects”—these are indeed the kings and queens of Nerdlebrity-vania.

Tony B Kim of CrazyForComicCon.com kind of answers my question the other day of “What do these people want?” with Top 10 Ways to Have the Best San Diego Comic-Con Experience—it includes much useful information for celebrity sighting, line waiting and so on.

6. Be Kind and Rewind
Before you get upset about something, you will be surprise how much farther you can get by just having a good attitude. Trying to fight grump with more grump never works. One time, I tried repeatedly to get a coveted free Star Trek shirt by waiting in line and I failed several times. By just walking up and explaining my dilemma kindly (and smiling), I got a shirt. Whether it’s line managers, security, or sales people, they are fighting off the Comic-Con zombie hordes all day long, so a little kindness will go a long way.

[Illo by Emily Painter.]

Finally. our own Steve Morris has advice for bloggers who are covering the show from home, including the basics of netiquette and so on:

Link. If you get your news from twitter, credit the person who tweeted it. If you find news on a website, credit them. It’s the fair and decent thing to do. At the same time, it also pings back the original writer and TELLS THEM that you were fair and decent. Linking to a site like The Beat leaves a pingback in the comments section – people might follow that. Also, if Image were to announce a new book by Frank Miller and Alan Moore, link to their websites. Link to Image, link to Miller, link to Moore. If they see and like your coverage, maybe they’ll share the link with their massive readership. It’s a case where doing the decent thing helps you out just as much as it helps them out.

Blogging may be dead, but there’s still a right way and a wrong way.

See you real soon!


  1. I think Heidi’s plan is to send her minions to cover the convention, while she manages coverage from her spacious yacht anchored in the Embarcadero Marina, with the occasional streaming interview of a notable comics creator.

  2. “Blogging may be dead, but there’s still a right way and a wrong way.”

    Really? Maybe this is sarcasm and it went over my head?

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