EW’s Geoff Boucher caught up with Alan Moore and asked him about the upcoming League of Extraordinary Gentlemen TV pilot, and incredibly, he thinks it’s bollocks:

After pausing a beat for emphasis he added: “The announcement that there is a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen television series hasn’t caused me to drastically alter my opinions. Now it seems they are recycling things that have already proven not to work.”

Now we know.


  1. Maybe he is bat-crap crazy, but every word out of this guy’s mouth is gold. Give ’em hell, Alan! If I ever met him, I would ask him, “Would you sign my copy of [some kind of Watchmen-related merchandise, preferably from the movie],” then step back and watch the sparks fly.

  2. I don’t understand why he is considered crazy or crotchety? His rational for his actions are largely beyond reproach. And because he defends himself against arrogant selfish career destroying corporations he’s crotchety? Look in the mirror people and consider what you would do in a similar situation.

  3. I am a bit lost about how come Fox STILL have rights to do whatever they want with League since Moore and Kevin O’Neil own the rights of the comic book.
    So the movie deal included a tv option and would not expire after 10 years?
    Does anyone know anything about it?

  4. Moore has been shafted on contracts again. When he signed over the film and TV rights for LOEG to a film and TV company how could he have possibly have imagined that they would use them to make a film and TV series?!!!

  5. “And because he defends himself against arrogant selfish career destroying corporations…”

    Those self same corporations are where he made his name and gained his stature as some kind of comic book deity. Has he been shafted in some ways? No doubt. Is it admirable that he turns down money from his creations because he doesn’t believe in how they’re being used? Of course. But the “Poor Little Alan Moore” vs. Big Time Corporations narrative gets old after a while.

  6. Yes, Alan is so righteous and wronged. I mean, who cares if he signed contracts. (What does that even mean? Contracts matter? That’s old-school talk. We in the New School now, right?) It is always the corporations’ fault, and that is that.

    Alan would never treat others’ property in sleazy ways. Alan is respectful, never steps on anyone’s toes, and is careful to always behave with the utmost morals and sensitivity to those weaker than himself.

    I mean, J. M. Barrie and his heirs (a children’s hospital) LOVED and supported what Alan did with the Peter Pan characters.

    Oh, wait…

  7. So Moore is crazy because he looks different and acts different. I see.

    And because he stands up for himself against larger corporations who have no morals whatsover? All right, gotcha.

    And then we are mad at him for using public domain characters and imbuing them with his own unique creative voice and having huge success in doing so? I see.

    And where’s the contempt for all those hackneyed superhero creations Alex Ross and Dynamite have been spewing out by the dozen? Weren’t those creations beloved at some point in time by somebody? Or is it just because they’re not very good so we don’t care?

  8. “And because he stands up for himself against larger corporations who have no morals whatsover?”

    “Contracting a company to adapt your work then bitching about how they have no new ideas when they announce that they plan to adapt it” is brave?

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