lisa_hanawalt.jpgAlthough they are out of business, Alvin Buenaventura is using his previously reserved booth to run a “going out of business” sale, sad as it sounds. Lisa Hanawalt and Johnny Ryan will both be appearing at the booth.
BTW, if you are the kind of person who is looking to score a true collectible, since much of the original print run of KRAMERS ERGOT #7s was destroyed, and it will never be reprinted, the remaining copies of this landmark masterpiece are indeed investments and worth every penny. I’d expect these to go very fast.

Here’s what I’ll have for sale:

• All of the BP titles including Comic Art Magazine, Boy’s Club by Matt Furie, The Gigantic Robot by Tom Gauld.
• Some of the few remaining copies of Kramers Ergot 7 which has been unavailable since last year. It will never be reprinted so here’s your chance to grab one before they are gone for good
• All of that “Other Stuff We Like.” Rare and imported goods that we’ve gathered over the year through our travels and were previously available in the BP Webshop. Minis, foreign anthologoies, artist’s books, silkscreened goodness, etc…
• Warehouse finds including back issues of Comic Art Magazine, and long out of print mini comics…
• A ton of original artwork and obscure prints from my personal collection by many of our favorite cartoonists.
• Rare comics and books from my personal collection.
• Also stop by throughout the weekend for daily blowout sales.