As the MoCCA Arts Festival finishes at Metropolitan West today you might want to check out the winners of the annual Awards of Excellence, who are exhibiting. The winners were announced this week and they represent the most outstanding work on view at the festival. The awards are open to all artists tabling the this year’s fest, and were judged by an exert pael including Patrick Crotty, Rebekka Dunlap, Maria Hoey, Nathan Huang, and Ben Passmore. The program was Chaired by Maëlle Doliveux and Co-Chaired by Ben Passmore.
And the winners are:
Short Form
GOLD: “Okay Okay” by Rose Wong (Booth C 137)
SILVER: “Ballad of the Bird Hole” by Sabrina Futch (Booth E 178)
1000wSILVER: “Haunted Francis” by John F. Malta (Booth A 110)
Long Form
GOLD: “Do Geese See God – Chapters 2 & 3” by Nicholas Offerman (Booth B 133 B)
SILVER: “Crimes” by Kelsey Wroten (Booth C 135)
SILVER: “Executive Information Packet Journal” by Benjy Brooke (Booth J 288 B)

Single Image
GOLD: “Indentity I” by Anuj Shrestha (Booths A 103, 104, 105, 106) (Art not the winner.)
SILVER: “2014 in LA” by Alfonso de Anda (Booth F 206)
SILVER: “The Little Death” by Yadi Liu (Booth H 258)

Special Format
GOLD: “Subway Friends” by Diana Schoenbrun (Booth H 250)
soap bubble
SILVER: “Soap Bubble” by Qiaoyi Shi (Booth I 270)

SILVER: “All dogs are my amigos” by Alfonso de Anda (Booth F 206)
One gold medal and two silver medals are awarded per category. Artists winning this award will be acknowledged with a special medal and financial award, The M. Prize, given in memory of Timothy Patrick Moynihan. This award has been made possible through the generosity of friends and family of Timothy Patrick Moynihan. In addition, winners will also receive a tablet from MoCCA sponsor Wacom, as well as a gift certificate from artist supply store and sponsor Blick Art Materials.


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