Last minute bits and bobs of news and people and stuff that will enliven the next few days. Note this is 90% comics news — there are other places to find the other stuff.

§ Pantheon Books will have signings by Chip Kidd and debut novelist Charles Yu whose new book How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe goes on sale in September. Kidd will be promoting his new book on Captain Marvel/Shazam, which looks at a character that was as big as Superman at one point, then pretty much killed for being too much like Superman.


§ Distributor/publisher Last Gasp will be set up at booth #1616 and this is a DEFINITE MUST SEE. They’ll have exclusive Junko Mizuno prints and much more. More info

Confirmed for Comic-Con 2010: Signings with Junko Mizuno, Joe Ledbetter, Buff Monster, Ron English, Camilla d’Errico (See schedule below) Play Last Gasp Comic-Con BINGO with prizes! Plus all the newest books, imports, rare stuff…

§ Bill Plympton, #5552

Coming up this week, July 21-25 is the BIG annual San Diego Comic-Con, and once again Bill will have a booth to sell his DVDs, books and CD’s. If you’re one of the 125,000 people attending SDCC, please come and visit us, and note we will have a new booth number this year – 5552. That’s on the main convention floor, South side of the hall (near entrance G or H), and on the east wall (closest to the street), next to the giant T-shirt booth (we think…). Come by any time to meet Bill (unless he’s somewhere else) or attend one of our Comic-Con events:

There will be a panel at Comic-Con on the release of the “Hair High” DVD, on Thursday, July 22, at 1:30 pm in Room 8. The panel will also feature a sneak peek at the upcoming documentary “Adventures in Plymptoons”, with filmmakers Alexia Anastasio and Kevin Sean Michaels on hand to discuss the project. Bill Plympton will also be there to screen recent shorts and clips from upcoming projects, and answer questions about the “Hair High” DVD, or anything else. And everyone who attends will get a FREE Bill Plympton drawing!

Also, please check out Bill’s new short film “The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger”, which will be screened in the Comic-Con Independent Film Festival on Thursday, July 22, at 3:25 pm. The screening will be held at the Marriott Hotel and Marina, in Marriott Hall 1&2, which is next door to the convention center on the north side (near Hall A) Q&A session with Bill Plympton to follow – Don’t miss it!

Also in San Diego during Comic-Con, the Chuck Jones Gallery will feature an exhibit of artwork from Bill Plympton’s featuring images from “Idiots & Angels” and Bill’s celebrated “Dog” films – “Guard Dog”, “Guide Dog”, and “Hot Dog”. The gallery is located at 232 Fifth Avenue, and there will be a special event will Bill Plympton appearing on Friday, July 23, 7-10 pm. to celebrate the opening of the exhibit. Don’t miss this chance to see and buy the best animation art from “Idiots and Angels”! For more information, visit the Chuck Jones Gallery at Comic-Con – Booth 1134, call 888-294-9880 or visit


§ ALEX ROSS debuts his “Avengers Assemble” print showing the primal Avengers:  Black Panther, Hawkeye,  Captain America, Iron Man, The Wasp, Thor, Scarlet Witch, the Vision, and Goliath. The print will be available at the Marvel ArtWorks booth, #4713


§ UDON is debuting VENT, an art book featuing Attila Adorjany, Jay Axer, Greg Boychuck, Christine Choi, Jeffrey Cruz, Steven Cummings, Omar Dogan, Dax Gordine, Andrew Hou, Eric Kim, Alvin Lee, Leo Lingas, Matt Moylan, Joe Ng, Ryan Odagawa, Saejin Oh, Gonzalo Ordonez, Crystal Reid, Arnold Tsang, Eric Vedder, Long Vo, Joe Vriens, Emily Warren, and Jim Zubkavich.


§Michael Aushenker and GUMBY:

GUMBY’S GANG STARRING POKEY, a new Gumby and Pokey comic book series by Michael Aushenker and Rafael Navarro, will debut at Comic-Con at the WildCard Ink/Gumby Comics table (Small Press area). Aushenker and Navarro will be on-hand to sign copies of this time-travel adventure which sends Pokey traipsing through Ancient Egypt, the Old West and the far-flung future. Gumby and other familiar faces guest star. This comic book marks the first in the GUMBY’S GANG series, which will continue with the solo adventures of Prickle, The Blockheads and Goo. Edited by Mel Smith and Paul Birch, GUMBY’S GANG STARRING POKEY will debut at Comic-Con ahead of its official November release, so don’t be a slow-Pokey! Be the first on your block to join Gumby’s Gang!

Our good pals at the Golden Apple will be selling some exclusives at booth #4400:

ADVENTURE RETAIL @ SDCC in the 4400 Aisle is the ONLY booth that will have 2 exclusive items:

2) Custom wallets made from actual recycled comic books!

§ Australian comics crew Gestalt Comics is coming to Comic-Con with signings by Tom Taylor, Colin Wilson and Justin Randall and advance copies of Rombies, The Example and Digested #1 & #2 Bobby.N. All info here.


§ Hermes Press is talking DARK SHADOWS:

Dark Shadows Panel for Comic-Con 2010 Presents Stars from The Classic 1960s Series With Update On The Forthcoming Johnny Depp/Tim Burton Film Adaptation Hermes Press will present a special Dark Shadows panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic- Con on Saturday, July 24, from 5-6:00 in Room 3. The panel will bring fans up-to-date on the much-anticipated Dark Shadows film starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton.

The panel, Dark Shadows: The Classic Series, The Comic Books & The Upcoming Film celebrates this ground-breaking TV show with a presentation discussing the past, present and future of the series. Join Jonathan Frid (vampire Barnabas Collins), who will make a special appearance by video, Lara Parker (Angelique), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans/Josette), Jim Pierson (Dan Curtis Productions) and Daniel Herman (Publisher, Hermes Press, currently publishing the reprint of the Gold Key comics tie-in of the show in a graphic novel format which is being premiered at Comic-Con). Before there was Twilight and True Blood, there was Dark Shadows!

Spectrum Fantastic Art returns at booth #4503 with some fantastic artists, including Donato Giancola and Stephan Martiniere and a one-day apperance by Brom.

RIP MD is a bit of an oddball comic as it’s a kids book by some animators — which sounds usual — but it’s coming out from Fantagraphics — which is not usual. But the creators will be showing it off this week:

This year’s Comic-Con International attendees will be among the first to get a peek at—and maybe even a copy of—RIP M.D., the new graphic novel from Lincoln Butterfield Animation and Fantagraphics Books. Exclusive preview copies will be available at the Fantagraphics booth (#1718), at $12.99 each.
RIP M.D—the debut graphic novel from The Angry Beavers creator Mitch Schauer—is a creepy, fun-filled, all-ages adventure introducing Ripley Plimpt, an 11-year-old boy whose ordinary life is turned upside-down when he discovers that monsters are not only real, but are also in desperate need of his help to overcome their very real problems.
RIP M.D. was written and illustrated by Schauer, an Emmy® Award winning producer, writer and designer. Comic book veteran Mike Vosburg has brought his innovative, illustrative style to the artwork’s inking, and Michael Lessa and Justin Yamaguchi have created a whole new look for RIP M.D. with their cinematic color and special effects expertise.


Manga sensei Jason Thompson and Jake Forbes have teamed up tot tell us everything we need to know:

King of RPGs/Return to Labyrinth  (O-08)
Manga editors turned creators Jason Thompson and Jake Forbes present King of RPGs and Return to Labyrinth at booth O-08 in the Small Press Pavilion. Pick up a copy of Return to Labyrinth vol. 4, the conclusion to the NY Times best-selling manga series, one week before it’s released in stores! Check out a sneak preview of the next King of RPGs volume, coming in 2011 from Del Rey.

On Thursday, Thompson, former editor of Shonen Jump and author of MANGA: The Complete Guide, joins a panel of industry experts to discuss The Best and Worst of Manga 2010 (4:30-5:30, Rm. 3). Thompson and Forbes (editor/adaptor Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cardcaptor Sakura) will both speak about the trials and tribulations of manga localization at the perennial Lost In Translation panel (5:30-6:30, Rm. 3)

On Friday, Thompson discusses The Future of Manga! in a visual presentation that looks at how technology is transforming how manga is created and consumed. (6:30-7:30, Rm. 3)

On Saturday, Forbes talks about the highly-anticipated finale to Return to Labyrinth, a four volume graphic novel sequel to the Jim Henson fantasy hit of the ‘80s at the Tokyopop panel. (2:00-3:00 Rm. 3)

Finally, Thursday evening (5:00-7:00, booth O-08), The Dark Crystal takes over the booth as artist Heidi Arnhold (Legends of the Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock) will be signing and giving away posters based on the graphic novel prequel to Jim Henson’s other fantasy classic.   

David Quinn is a returnee!

As I mentioned on my FB, my first San Diego signing after coming out of “retirement.” Friday, July 23 with Devon Devereaux (The Littlest Bitch) at Table L11, Saturday, July 24 with Tim Vigil (Faust, 777) in Artist’s Alley. MORE AT:

Harrison Ellenshaw:

Legendary visual effects supervisor Harrison Ellenshaw will be very visible during Comic-Con this year. He’ll be on a panel about “film illustrations, storyboards and concept art: the art behind the images” on Saturday morning and that afternoon will moderate a panel entitled “the design process for films and television.”

If you want to hear the thoughts and see the designs of the man who was the visual effects supervisor on the original “Tron,” the matte painting supervisor on “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” and the visual effects producer on “Dick Tracy,” make sure you make it to one or both.

The morning panel is in room 24ABC at 10:30 and the afternoon session is in the Indigo Ballroom at the adjacent Bayfront Hilton at four.

Dial R Studios:

Dial R Studios (booth 1804,1806) returns to Comic-Con bigger and better than ever with its largest roster to date! Studio members in attendance will include Pat Loika (The Villain, Blacklisted), Chris Maze (The Gathering, Seeds of Darkness), Barry Miller (Billy Banes: Sidekick for Hire), and the Eisner nominated duo of J. Andrew Clark and Dave Wachter (The Guns of Shadow Valley, Scar Tissue). In addition, the booth will have guests, such as John Culjak (The Sound of Life, John and Unicorn), Jeremy Dale (Skyward, GI Joe), Adam Withers and Comfort Love (The Uniques, Rainbow in the Dark).
We will be debuting new books at the show, plus Jeremy, Adam and Comfort will be sketching as well. Be sure to stop by the booth to sample all of our new books and check our new merch! We’ll see you there!

§ Artists Mike Golden and Mark Texiera are showing off their wares:

After taking a break last year, Golden is back for what may end up being a rare SDCC appearance. This year he’ll be making the SDCC debut of his new sketchbook: “Michael Golden’s MORE Heroes and Villains,” the follow-up to the successful sketchbook “Heroes and Villains” of last year. “MORE” features new sketches and old favorites, without repeating any work from previous books!

Signed copies of the volume as well as sketch editions will be available. In addition, Golden will be selling a limited amount of original art, NEVER before made available to the public. (If you’d like to see any of it before the show, contact Renee at the address below as well.)

Michael Golden will be at the Naked Fat Rave Booth, #4601, along with Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, J. Scott Campbell, Bruce Timm, Phil Noto, Amanda Conner, Renee Witterstaetter, Skottie Young and David Finch.

Fine art painter and illustrator, Mark Texeira, will also be returning to San Diego, and this year will be sitting at the Big Wow Art booth, #4902. Mark will be sketching and selling his sketchbook, “Babes and Brawn.”

Quick hits:
Daily Events at Kotobukiya
Zenescope Entertainment

Not comics, but some neat stuff from various Nickelodeon partners:

• Avatar – Fans will want to get their hands on Mattel’s “The Final Battle” action figures. The toys depict the penultimate clash between Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) and will be available at the Mattel booth (#2945).

• The Simpsons – Springfield will come to San Diego with two exclusive pieces from The Simpsons.  A 6″ figure of the famous donut boy statue, Lard Lad,  available at the Kidrobot booth (#4529) and a Christmas ornament depicting Springfield’s richest resident, Mr. Burns,  at the Hallmark booth (#2913H).

• Predators – Hunters have to make sure they don’t become the hunted while tracking down the ‘Berserker Predator’ from NECA (booth #3145).  The figure resembles the Predator’s distinct ‘camouflage’ mode and comes with a removable wrist blade.

• Futurama – Toynami will also have a limited edition plush of the Futurama’s cute, intergalactic pet, Nibbler at their booth (#3229).



  1. Wow….nobody portrays Olympian Arrogance/Smugness quite like Alex Ross. I wonder if superheroes ever smile in his world…or if severe constipation is the law of the land?

    First I’ve heard about the new Chip Kidd Shazam book….so thanks for the heads up!

  2. “I wonder if superheroes ever smile in his world” – I don’t know, I think it looks great! Superhero-ing is serious business! Captain America is always serious, Thor is always reading to throw down with anything that blinks at him wrong, Iron Man is pretty serious when he’s not bangin’ the chicks, Hawkeye has a sly smirk on his face in the pic, the Scarlet Witch is thinking to herself “In just a short time I’ll have totally screwed up the Marvel Universe and go insane! Just you wait, Avengers!” and the Vision is all solemn in the corner cause he’s a) gonna have a crazy wife, and b) oh yeah, she kills him in the process.

    Seriousness is required! (All in jest, though I do love the artwork!)

  3. When did Thor start using heroin? Are those Norse god track marks on his arm? Geez, he must have like .00005 body fat.