Okay, we’re on the ground and ready to get Preview Night and there are some press events already going on, notably this:


We had flight delays and other unpleasant stuff like a server meltdown that nearly gave us a heart attack yesterday, but it’s all over now and the real suffering can begin. Oh, we kid. There was a South Park marathon on Comedy Central that made the flight very bearable, including the classic World of Warcraft episode, the Logan’s Run episode and one about sex education where Kyle…oh we can’t say but we know you remember.

We haven’t had time to take the temperature of the town, but let’s just say San Diego couldn’t be more eager to welcome Comic-Con! There were e-signs up at BAGGAGE CLAIM for crying out loud. The signs at the trolley stop have been made over in Klingon. Signs, banners, parties, breakfast specials…the red carpet hasn’t been rolled out, it’s been shot out of a t-shirt cannon over the whole city.

The one person who was not eager to talk about Comic-Con was our cabbie, who when asked “Are ya gettin’ all ready for Comic-Con”?” whispered back “Yes.” and then fell silent for the next 15 minutes. He didn’t get a big tip, sorry. Tips for tips, people, tips for tips!

As far as the site goes, we have recruited a ground crew for our coverage this year, including our old friend Zenametal, frequent commenter Kate Fitzsimons, and — for the first time ever – Torsten Adair has been given a password to post. WOW, this will either kill the Beat or send it to new heights! Or maybe it will kill Torsten with excitement.

In addition, our entertainment reporter, Shannon O’Leary will be giving her own perspective on some of the non-comics events at the show.

Our team is unorthodox, and they do it their own way, but in that they resemble the A-Team and that’s how we like it.

From all reports there is Wi-Fi in the hall, so hopefully we’ll have semi-frequent posting whenever we can sit down unmolestered. (sic Steven Stahl, sic.)

And now…to Ralphs!


  1. Mr. Moonlight:
    Thursday, July 22
    1:30-2:30 Spotlight on Dusty Higgins and Van Jensen— Pinocchio the Vampire Slayer creators and Comic-Con special guests Dusty Higgins and Van Jensen are spotlighted in a panel moderated by Heidi MacDonald. The pair talk about the origins of their project, their reactions to the positive feedback — which included having their debut graphic novel from SLG Publishing named as one of the top 10 best graphic novels for teens by the Young Adult Library Service — and show art from the upcoming sequel. Room 3